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posted by Jay D. on 9/2/2005

Office Furniture Can Be Fun

Ohh man, she really likes her job. And I like her, liking her job. She could bounce around like that on me for a while. Also, did you hear the suction sound as she got up?
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
It wasnt that funny actually :/. But I guess it would be useful for a girl to pass time with -_-
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 11:47 AM

I like horny sluts.
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 11:57 AM

whats the difference between a slut & a bitch...... sluts fuck everybody & bitches fuck everybody but you..........the only joke i know...........shit man jus shoot me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 12:40 PM

Ohh mizzy she really likes her job wit da big Bo$$ Dogg. And I like her, spendin her job cuz its a pizzle thang. She could bounce around like tizzy on me fo` a while gangsta style . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. Also, did you hizzy tha suction sound as she gots up?
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 1:38 PM

Hey! Don’t look or say anything but, I think blue-steel is retarded.
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 2:36 PM

hes a retard and the video was dumb
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 3:30 PM

stupid white slut!
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 4:13 PM

what the hell is with you, urbabygirl?
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 6:03 PM

what is it with you and white people? Your in AMERICA GET OVER IT, OR GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM! Sorry i had to say that.
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 6:03 PM

I like those European commercials!
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 8:23 PM

you know "urbabygirl" you must hate being black to keep talking about white people. Its stupid low life people such as your self that make wars in this world go on. so how about do everyone a favor and grow the fuck up and just dont post your stupid comments
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 9:39 PM

i ain’t retarted tookalook iam just a gangsta
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 9:53 PM

ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha a fuckin cheap ass food stamp gangsta......thats nothing to be proud of gangsta thug criminal... get a real job and education show the world you are really someone, blue-steel....or are you some 13 year old who thinks you are a gangsta...doesnt matter either way you are a fucking punk.....I thought the vid was cool,...whores are great...lol
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 11:06 PM

I couldnt agree with you more clmsn ;)
posted on: 09-02-05 @ 11:45 PM

fuckin right clmsn...... BTW why was the chick bouncing on that ball when if she did it on the boss’ lap it would get her a promotion?
posted on: 09-03-05 @ 12:13 AM

Its funny how everyones get their knickers in a twist over "stupid white people" When the usual communication here involves describing how one would remove certain limbs and/or deficate into the remaining orifices of another. That and various genocidal banter.
posted on: 09-03-05 @ 8:52 AM

Yeah Sku11s- And it seems most of the folks who take issue with the "stupid cracker" comments don’t have much to say about the "stupid nigger" comments. As for the vid that looks to me like a big pacifier after she was done using it.
posted on: 09-04-05 @ 12:31 AM

all I wanna know is where the hell can I get one of those balls??????? I would goto work everyday and even work weekends and holidays shit I’d work 15 hr days!!! lol
posted on: 09-04-05 @ 1:12 AM

What’s wrong with you people?!
posted on: 09-04-05 @ 3:36 AM

I just don’t see how she keeps her balance...seems like the more wet she gets the more slippery the ball becomes.
posted on: 09-04-05 @ 10:08 AM

is bluesteel one of those "i sit in front of my computer all day" gangstas? fuck-go shoot someone already!!! lol
posted on: 09-04-05 @ 4:13 PM

I thought it was funny
posted on: 09-13-05 @ 6:28 PM

I would like to play with the box her kids came in.
posted on: 09-13-05 @ 6:33 PM

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