Ass Beatings Iraq Style

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These guys knew how to beat some serious ass. They didn’t fuck around, they had grown men in every corner crying like little girls. That’s how you run a prison bitch!

  • gurtman23 September 4, 2005

    what are they being hit with? it really doesnt look like it hurts.. is it cos a black man parked on a double yellow in London.

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  • fhwrestlr September 4, 2005

    It kind of looked like they were beating them with fucking twigs, Im sure after being hit by enough it will start to hurt.

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  • ramyel September 4, 2005

    the first hit hurts like hell i remember my mom running after me with those fucking things

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  • blue-steel September 4, 2005

    thats why i am glade ta live in tha usa, i mean thizzay stuf stiznill hapens but it aint legal

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  • archemedes_rex September 4, 2005

    Whoh. That's just wrong.

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  • tomslick_stl September 4, 2005

    I like how the 2nd guy got too close to the wall so they pull him out into the open to get a better shot at him. Sweet beat down. I hope they did something really bad though.

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  • findher69her September 4, 2005


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  • guyschips1 September 4, 2005


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  • msluvly0423 September 4, 2005

    Now that is how u whop someones ass. They beat the first one unconscious. I bet u that ass will think twice before he fucks up again.

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  • thesku11s September 4, 2005

    All the white trash thugs we get in the UK could do with some of that, the things is the guy in the video probably just forgot to tie his shoelaces or something.

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  • xcrider45 September 4, 2005

    they're like really flexible but hard twigs. same effect as a whip

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  • dawn2005 September 5, 2005

    damn fuckheads.. that inhumane... no one should be beaten up like that ...

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  • tat September 5, 2005

    Wow, wonder what they did. If it was bad, cool , beat the fuckers again. If not, that was some bullshit, the guys showed no aggression whatsoever, they just cowered with their hands raised.

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  • darkbluejay September 5, 2005

    wow so uncalled for. the guy is already down bitches, wtf you still kicking his ass for? is this the police or some shit? damn i wont take america's laws for granted now..

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  • clmsn-fan-n-fl September 5, 2005

    I think its an Iraqi prison, if so beat he shit out of the terrorist fucking bastards....

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  • icecold September 5, 2005

    well i dont know what they did but if they were hitting me i would have done more than cowered.

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  • archemedes_rex September 5, 2005

    You think they make these tapes to show to the other prisoners?

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  • thesku11s September 6, 2005

    Look at the clothes people, its obviously not in a prison. Its all in one rapid policing. See someone stealing something = pull out the whipping stick.

    Like I said though, police like that tend to over react, the guy probably just looked at him the wrong way.

    Its obviously unsutable for the USA though, most of you sickos would enjoy it.

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  • biggnigga1 September 6, 2005

    put 50 cent, i got the magic stick, on.........dat shits funny

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  • diesel91 March 16, 2006

    They are whipping him with their dildos

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  • wild9 March 31, 2008

    ...What a fucking bitch.Defend your self goddam

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