He Always Did Talk To Much

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  • rx7driver September 5, 2005

    Holy shit, what the hell is wrong with that dude. He needs that for ice cream!

  • darkbluejay September 5, 2005

    wtf nasty. of course it could be fake :(

  • blue-steel September 6, 2005

    he probley sold it for crack or some shit

  • punkrocktat2 September 6, 2005

    of course it's fake.

    for one: that shit would bleed like a motherfucker.

    for two: the tingue is the second strongest muscle in your body. even a shrp knife would have a little trouble cutting through.

  • gurtman23 September 6, 2005

    its fake if he done that he would bleed like a pussy on a period. fucking dumb asshole american

  • icecold September 6, 2005


  • guyschips1 September 6, 2005


  • awoodier September 6, 2005

    You can tell it's fake anyway, you can see his real tongue above the fake one, look closely. And you're right, it would bleed - just a tongue pearcing bleeds alot! Oh, hi all!

  • thesku11s September 6, 2005

    Weird, gay, fake and pointless.

  • rockybalboa September 6, 2005

    The first strongest muscle in my body is my dick. Only seconded by my tongue. I am a really bad mofoka. :P

  • sl September 6, 2005

    fake and gay

  • moonchild69 September 6, 2005

    rocky you are so sexy, i wanna know you so bad

  • rockybalboa September 7, 2005

    Do you REALLY want to know a goddamn retired boxer who has just traces of what used to be 'sixpacks' left and who only thinks about sex? Yeap, you've made the right decision! :P

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