Kick Ass Motorcycle Crash Montage

Enjoy some of the better motorcycle crashes in this video. There's a few old ones in there, but for the most part, they all seem to be pretty new.

  • scottrod September 6, 2005

    That'll teach those assholes to try and show off. If you want to get laid that bad go to the bar on collage night and wear a good colonge.

  • sl September 6, 2005

    The Fat chick still cracks me up.

  • icecold September 6, 2005

    fat chick+small bike=funney ass crash

  • darkbluejay September 6, 2005

    booooooooooo this one sucked. although these fags got owned for doing dumb shit, it still sucked to watch :(

  • tomslick_stl September 6, 2005

    Sing along... Fat girl on a little bike...

  • guyschips1 September 6, 2005

    gay evil kneivel

  • nomorewelfare September 6, 2005

    gaychips1 likes a word................ I just cant place it...........

  • chopedtobits September 6, 2005

    I dont care what any of you say, that was a good video. I love watching people get hurt or killed. Did you see that one guy smash into the car after he fell? BAM! Car and Bike CHUNKS EVERYWHERE!

  • rj124 September 6, 2005

    just ride the goddamn thing and quit trying to be cool,,,,, but the fat chic was hilarious

  • punkrocktat2 September 7, 2005

    college night.

    not collage night.

    what are there arts and crafts nights at bars?

    make sure to wear a good "cologne".


  • gurtman23 September 7, 2005

    stupid gay americans on stupid gay bikes

  • tookalook September 7, 2005

    Just take hammers to that jap shit instead of hurting themselves.

  • biggnigga1 September 7, 2005

    i had a motercycle just like, just like jus like

  • sidski September 7, 2005

    tigerbee I think you're right there, either a bump or a gear change for the corner probably started that off. BTW, it's a factory Norton bike at the IoM TT.

  • xxspencer September 7, 2005

    nukkle its black flag not the sex pistols

  • guyschips1 September 7, 2005

    hey nukkle, who gives a fukkle

  • unknown February 25, 2008

    guyschips1 likes to suck my cock, while his father fucks him in the ass.

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