The Amazing Racist video Goes Oriental

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So far the amazing racist gone after illegal aliens, black people and now he’s onto the Asians. You gotta admit, I though he was gonna get his ass kicked this time. Well, at least he’s an equal opportunity offender.

  • nut_cheese September 7, 2005

    I wanna see a video of this guy getting fucked in the ass by a bunch of midgets of all different races. NO LUBE EITHER!!!

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  • thesku11s September 7, 2005

    I think you've been exposed to too much pornography.

    It would be great if he got fucked up for once though. I know that any asians or blacks by me would not take that shit for a second, that chump would die.

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  • icecold September 7, 2005

    u got to admit hes got balls. but thats only going to last so long. sombodys bound to recognize him a kick his ass.

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  • darkbluejay September 7, 2005


    i hope one of those asians treat him to a martial arts asswhooping :(.

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  • sl September 7, 2005

    LOL, that was so fucking funny. I cant believe he hasnt gotten his ass kicked yet. The one with the illegal aliens was the best so far.

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  • fhwrestlr September 7, 2005

    Fucking faggot ass troll, you know why he acts like this is because he had the same amount of hair and his fore head looked very similar to what it looks like now and all the minority kids made fun of him because of that. FAGGOT TROLL.

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  • radlations September 7, 2005

    not as funny as the black or the mexican one but he tries....he should go after the middle easterns next ROFL at the dog joke

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  • simon154 September 7, 2005

    I hope this faggot tries that shit again but does it to a triad this time. They would torture his dumb fucking ass. Gotta admit the stupid fucker has balls though.

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  • ramyel September 7, 2005

    If u think about it his making fun of all of us, why do i say all of us because america is made of all kinds of people so this fucker is making fun of america that basterd!!!!!

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  • shiver September 7, 2005

    The Amazing Jewish Racist

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  • gurtman23 September 8, 2005

    why you fucks gettin all annoyed you americans need to learn how to take a joke you need a sense of humour

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  • christ316 September 8, 2005

    that was pretty fucking weak, this guy is not stepping up his game at all. weak azz cracker.

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  • synysta September 8, 2005

    Yeah..I hate rascist people but he is by far the funniest person I've seen in awhile....Mexican vid was a fucking classic. Black people wasn't as was just funny watching my fellow people almost lay into his ass.....Hawaiiain and Japanese...classic line people..

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  • edslaughin60 September 8, 2005

    My foot would be up his ass so fast the fucker would not be able to talk his dumb ass shit.

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  • tat September 9, 2005

    Dammit, I cannot find the Mexican one you all are talkin about, I wanna see it. Can anyone help me out, maybe I just missed it while skimming through all the videos.

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  • smooth_beaver September 9, 2005

    who woulda thunk an anti-asian video would get flamed on the INTERNET of all places?

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  • gurtman23 September 9, 2005

    who is the guy in the clip ive seen 3 of his clips now but only on crazyshit, does anyone know who he is??????????????

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  • bigjim September 9, 2005

    Only in America eh Gurtman?

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  • stjames9700 September 9, 2005

    And we scratch our heads and wonder why the world hates us so much.... on the whole, we're just a bunch of assholes. Even though this is funny, who really needs cocksuckers like this?

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  • maliciousways September 10, 2005

    i saw the video of this guy almost get his ass kick by a black fool...he was screaming like a fag ducking and running that shit was funny

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  • sexykandy694 September 12, 2005

    damnit i hate people who r racist i wanna kill there asses!

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  • acidshroomer September 13, 2005

    what a shithead!! he has gone to far making fun of asians....even tho they do some weird stuff...they are still awesome people!!

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  • yomama01 August 5, 2006

    Hes just being a stupid ass in this one. Why is he dissing asians??? Watch, someone else will talk trash about white jews and he'll be the first to be all offended. This guys just a jerk off.

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  • trinitysx March 26, 2009

    L M F A O

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