She's So Hot...I Might Lick That Ass

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Sure this car model chick is hot. And sure there's a lot of desperate guys at a car show. Maybe, if maybe, some desperate guy adds alcohol to the mix, some chick might just get her ass licked.

  • rockybalboa September 7, 2005

    He won that bet and at the same time he licked an outstanding specimen of exercise toned and cosmetic surgery enhanced piece of ass.

  • nut_cheese September 7, 2005

    I could tell by the look in his eye that what he really wanted to do was suck his buddies cock.

  • icecold September 7, 2005

    what a retard

  • findher69her September 7, 2005


  • darkbluejay September 7, 2005


    couldnt he get arrested since it was caught on tape? idiot -_-

  • sl September 7, 2005

    Slut, it was only a matter of time before someone did that to her, she should have known, having her ass stick out like that.

  • archemedes_rex September 7, 2005

    I'da gave her the dollar.

  • fhwrestlr September 7, 2005

    I'd have to say, it was bound to happen.

  • guyschips1 September 7, 2005

    i would say she was asking for it, but three people before me already did. so fuck it, im gonna stick with "gay"

  • ihavenoliver September 8, 2005


  • gurtman23 September 8, 2005

    i would let her take a huge shit on me

  • winks September 8, 2005

    haha...dumb slut...did you see how mad she did she expect...all she was missing was the fucking sign...'all you can eat for under a buck'....

  • edslaughin60 September 8, 2005

    Dumb whore bitch gets pissed cause a guy licks her ass. Meanwhile she'd fuck a donkey for a buck. Fuck her sorry whore ass with a fucking ball bat.

  • mike8putang September 9, 2005

    gurt ur one sick fuck!! is that what ur into ,no wonder why ur so angry ,ppl shitting on u all the time, i think ur at the wrong site ,maybe u need to use google and find what ur looking for ...did ur mum do this to you ?

  • stuemarini September 16, 2005


  • sinasta1 September 16, 2005

    shit I might have done the same thing if I was there.

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