Up On 2 Wheels

Jesse U.
11,725 Views 1 decade ago

Pretty bad ass driving I wonder how it was done?

  • guyschips1 September 11, 2005

    thats nothing, i do that all the time on my bike. oh thats right my bike only has two wheels

  • jason74185 September 11, 2005

    Thats sweet... I wonder i there is any support bars on the sides or something?

  • icecold September 11, 2005

    that looked fake though if if wasnt thats bad ass

  • skittletoes September 11, 2005

    i wonder WHY?

  • sl September 11, 2005

    thats cool

  • ramyel September 11, 2005

    i wonder how many cars he fliped before he go t it right

  • tomslick_stl September 11, 2005

    and so damn fast on a turn... nice

  • clmsn-fan-n-fl September 11, 2005

    that was cool....I always wanted to do that....

  • cardioprincess September 12, 2005

    How did he go around the curve without it falling over? Doesn't really seem possible...but obviously it was done.

  • bionic_nugget September 12, 2005

    gurtman's mum was givin' him a little road head. When he blew his load, she sat up & leaned over to spit out the window. This tremendous weight shift caused the truck to lean extremly to the right. As she brought her head back in the window, her fat rolls shifted to the left, therefore causing a balance through the curve. All the while his father was in the back eating potatoes & drinkin' whiskey while reading child porn.

  • guyschips1 September 12, 2005

    ha ha ha ^^^^^^^^^^

  • redskin420 September 12, 2005

    Damn bionic,that was good.10 points for creativity.I did something like that on the interstate after i got sideswiped by some lady.Exect i didn't land so good.Rolled the car 3 times and the bitch got away.

  • sexykandy694 September 12, 2005

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • evilpizzaguy44 September 12, 2005

    And the last thing he said was If yer pizza isn't there in 30 min its free

  • gurtman23 September 13, 2005

    bionic_nugget you have a hell of an imagination lmao. you should write a novel or get yourself a life lol

  • thesku11s September 13, 2005

    I read porn.

  • unknown February 25, 2008

    guyschips1 likes to suck my cock, while his father fucks him in the ass.

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