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posted by Jay D. on 9/16/2005

Rollin' On The Streets Of Louisiana

I have no idea where I found this one, but it does seem to be pretty cool. Well, maybe not cool for the people that live in New Orleans, but to just be able to ride around on the streets in a couple feet of water is kinda cool.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
looks a bit like Kevin Costner`s Waterworld.
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 1:39 PM

Hey! Nothing funny happened. The flooding was always inevitable. What do you expect if you build a city below water level?
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 2:03 PM

stupid frenchys built that town... i heard it floods there when they get more than 3 inches of rain in 24 hours. none of the local or state officials ever sat down , scratched their fucking pointed heads, and wondered what whould happen if a hurricane dropped 20 inches of water on them in 12 hours i suppose
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 2:26 PM

They were going pretty fast.
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 2:54 PM

i think that guy ran like 3 red lights
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 4:37 PM

any taller and he woulda had to duck to go under the bridge
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 4:38 PM

Holy dogshit! Thatīs what I call a major fuckup!
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 4:45 PM

The fucked up thing is New Orleans was originally built above sea level.But the soil was real soft and the city sunk into the ground.
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 5:21 PM

mostyles.... the officials there have been begging the government to give them more money to help solve this problem... but the government had more important things to do in the last 10 years and that is to make sure halliburton and weapon companies make money... I smell fascizm everytime I step out of my house... people in the states ... we are all fucked... there is a bigger war than the one you see... its rich assholes against the hard working people of this country!!! I think I am gonna go fuckign puke!!!
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 5:26 PM

posted on: 09-16-05 @ 5:28 PM

that’s fucked....he just needs a system now....to get the full crusin potential...
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 5:40 PM

That did look like Waterworld, only this was more interesting.
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 6:32 PM

why cant they just give them black people boats or would that just mean more drive bys or sail bys
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 8:10 PM

I blame the media for all the refugees. If they had put more emfusis (sorry if thats spelled wrong) on putting a 15 inch lift on your ride with mud slinging tires and not "pimping" your ride we’d have less refugees.
posted on: 09-16-05 @ 8:11 PM

posted on: 09-16-05 @ 9:22 PM

braody , there was just a bug report about audits on the levee comissions who were responsible for maintaining the levee’s. the main theme of the report? QUESTIONABLE SPENDING! there is nothing the federal government can do when LA state officials and local governments are notorious for their corruption... dumbfucks
posted on: 09-17-05 @ 2:16 AM

u on crack red ? a city sunk 11+ feet dont think so
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 12:56 PM

Where did that lead boat come from? Were they hiding under the bridge and thought they better get out of there with their loot before the law gets them.
posted on: 09-20-05 @ 7:13 PM

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