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posted by Jesse U on 9/18/2005

Your My Bitch, Right?

These kids need to learn how to fight. They wouldn't last 5 mins where I'm from. Bitches!!!
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
that white chick was kicking ass! but then, just like the trash they are, they (black chicks) go 2 on 1 with her. she (whitey) still came out pretty good though. Oh, and where in the hell is BP?
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 4:49 PM

Funny watching tacos fight... And the white and black guy made me laugh..... Pussy fights are funny The chicks went at it though m/
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 4:54 PM

ya pussy fights gota agree wit jctbay whitey did pretty good for two on one
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 5:13 PM

lol it looked like that was a spanish or dark haired white girl that jumped in the pussy fight. white boy got knocked the fuck out though. i mean, not knocked, i meant to say ummm whats it im looking for....oh well he got fucked up hard. yeah thats it right there.
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 5:37 PM

More proof that the evolution of the human race may have stalled a little.
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 6:30 PM

White girls double team other girls all the time so don’t talk shit. Black girls do the same but some girls know how to fight on their own without help. Like ANY race of ppl when your friend is gettin his ass torn the fuck out no matter what your helpin him/her. I don’t give a fuck how big the bitch is or how small if your friend is gettin they ass kicked your jumpin in. Me I don’t have that problem becuz my friends and I know how to fight for ourselves. We know when to start and when not to. But when it comes time to hand someone’s ass to them we know how to do that too. I know how to fight on my own I don’t give a fuck who it is. I handle my own.
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 6:55 PM

a friend should only help when a friend gets jumped outta no where
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 7:08 PM

That chick at the end did pretty well with that bitch that jumped in tords the end.
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 8:36 PM

I think that white chick could have beat the 1st girl’s ass then the 2nd one right after if not 2 on 1... I wanna bang her
posted on: 09-18-05 @ 9:24 PM

Thanks Archemedes Rex.
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 1:52 AM

Notice they are wearing wife beaters - cause thats the only ass they are ever beatn!! Unless they get a wife my size - 6’1, 190 lbs - then they get their asses beat
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 7:33 AM

mad cow
love the girl with the red shirt,,,right on baby,,,lmao
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 8:09 AM

These fights sucks dick.
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 9:41 AM

Feel kinda sorry for the white guy in the second fight. He shouldn’t have picked that big of a monkey to take on. (Especially when there are a bunch of them watching too)
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 1:09 PM

and that fucking monkey should have let up on ole whitey, his ass was done kicked.
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 5:00 PM

did u all notice that nigger couldn’t knock that kracker out though he was only throwing feather punches,.. if the person ain’t snoring before he hits the ground u need to learn how too throw hands
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 7:39 PM

man... these are people fighting... I didn’t even look to see if they are black or white... I was watching the fighting.. I start reading the comments and its about black and white and monkeys and crackers...this is a fucked up place hahahaha!!!
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 8:11 PM

the music is all that kicked ass on this clip
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 8:16 PM

none of them really looke dlike fights....more like a bitch slap contest...no body knows how to land a punch anymore??? Props to the chick in the red though...
posted on: 09-19-05 @ 8:39 PM

No shit.....fucking homos the best fight was the chick fight, Bitch in the red is badass and what the fuck was the black dude tryin to do to blondie? Put him in a armbar? He hit like a fag too he might as well have given that dude an indian burn. Pussies
posted on: 09-20-05 @ 2:37 PM

...jctbitch...correction...you crackaz are the only trash there is...and eventually these white-American hating countries are comin to tidy up things...just b patient...white bitch
posted on: 09-18-06 @ 6:22 PM

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