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posted by Jay D. on 9/24/2005

Test Flight Fun

I think I'm convinced I'm not flying for a while. Do think they had a pilot in that plane or was that remote control.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
only thing that blows less than this is reskin420’s mom.
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 1:26 PM

what kind of insult is that christ? less could mean that she doesn’t blow at all. i dont want to confuse you with trying to explain it to you so i’ll just put it like this: your a fucking moron.
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 2:25 PM

well i got to agree with gaychips1 for once, even if he is banging christ316. the clip would have been a lot funnier if the plane was full of americans
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 2:45 PM

u two should get a room already. i know all this blowing talk would get gurtman excited.
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 3:06 PM

yeah it was by remote control.... they were testing a fuel additive that was supposed to keep the fuel from exploding in a crash..... guess it didnt work too well did it?
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 3:21 PM

The only thing about Gurtman blowing Guy is I think Gurtman said he would rather have a meal and not a snack
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 4:07 PM

that jet was remote controled...it was test of a new type of jet fuel....it failed....
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 5:40 PM

People, you forget. We got to see planes full of americans crashing already. It might have been entertaing at first but they sort of killed it showing it all day for a week though.
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 6:34 PM

Fuck you skull
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 11:32 PM

This is way old. C’mon.
posted on: 09-24-05 @ 11:37 PM

cemetery man
burp you are right i saw that on tv one day,and another thing is stop crying about america its not our falut you cant live here
posted on: 09-25-05 @ 4:56 AM

lal ^^ 1 month visiting the US and when im back, everyone is acting like 2nd-graders ^^
posted on: 09-25-05 @ 11:15 AM

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