$100,000 Truck Down The Drain

Four end over end rolls, and homeboy walks away from the crash. Then everyone runs over there to...um I guess roast marshmallows.

  • jwkj1274 September 27, 2005

    absolutly in-fuckin-sane!!! two thumbs up!

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  • rockymarciano September 27, 2005


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  • raydafreak September 27, 2005

    Must've been a Ford..

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  • guyschips1 September 27, 2005

    this is the result of having more money than you got brains. although i dont see how the truck was a hundred thousand dollars

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    • digupskulls June 23, 2017

      @guyschips1 That class of truck is called a "Trophy truck" and can cost up to $500,000.

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  • christ316 September 27, 2005

    wooohooo two thumbs up dude......up chippy's fucking ass.

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  • alickalotapus September 27, 2005

    see? wouldnt truck demolition be much better if there were titties flopping around? (In referance to the cricket video)

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  • chuud2002 September 27, 2005

    easy to see the truck had allot of money dumped into it after the crash all the frame and suppension work was seeable. Hey maybe next time he won't cut it short and will spend 200,000 And blow up in mid air weeee!

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  • syris84 September 27, 2005

    nice bet it hurt the wallet tho

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  • fox1974 September 27, 2005

    That kind of racing is the shit. I would pay money to ride in that truck for the next race..

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  • tumblin_dice September 28, 2005

    Hell I could do that in a $500.00 truck.

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  • fox1974 September 28, 2005

    yeah but in your 500 dollar truck your next ride would be in a 50000 dollar hearse. On the way to your funeral. I have been around off road racing for 25 years or so and people have no idea how much goes into building a race truck. Look up Terrible Herbst Racing and you will see kick ass shit

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