Today's Lesson: Manholes are Heavy - The Full Video

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Jesse just loved this video, so we had to put it up. I really think he loved the video so much because of the Mortal Combat music. And I know the fight is lame, but it is funny as hell to the dude that picked up the manhole cover at the end holding his arm.

  • bigjim September 30, 2005


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  • gay_americans September 30, 2005

    mortal kombat

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  • themercenary September 30, 2005

    lame as hell fight but the mortal kombat music was ight

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  • gurtman23 September 30, 2005


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  • darkbluejay September 30, 2005

    i just looked at the clip a 2nd time for the music. that shit is hot.

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  • fhwrestlr September 30, 2005

    Although they fight like fags, that still is Funny As Hell. You have got to ask so many questions to that guy with the man hole cover. I have seen people try to open one of those things with a crow bar and still couldn't get them open. Strong mother fucker.

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  • archemedes_rex October 1, 2005

    Apparently, they never learned to fistfight in Russia.

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  • christ316 October 1, 2005

    fat guy picked up the man hole just to realize he doesn't have the strength to carry it to the middle of the street. also looked like he injured himself kicking the guy on the ground. lol, i bet he got all fat and stupid by eating poo like mikey poo-eater.

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  • mad cow October 1, 2005

    fuck,,its toooooo funny,,must be in russia,,,just look at the woman walking around the corner with her daughter,,,,shes like ,,fuck,,,another fight today baby,,,lets walk another way,,,,hahahhahaha

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  • lt__dan October 1, 2005

    fuckin bums........get a job

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  • bladezzz October 2, 2005




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  • andycz October 2, 2005

    looks like the dude propper fucked his arm up, but there you go, karma for being mean lol

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  • sepult October 3, 2005

    man he dropped that shit on his arm. that would fukin hurt like hell

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  • kenfromdublin November 26, 2008

    Hilarious! - Did you see manhole cover guy suddenly realising his arm might be broke at the end - he was obviously too numbnutted out of his head with drink to feel the cover falling on his arm in the first place.

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  • xcookiesx April 16, 2009

    sonya wins!

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