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posted by Jay D. on 9/30/2005

Kids, Drifting Cars Isn't Cool

Someone get the brick off the gas pedal quick! In a way, I don't feel bad for this guy. It's almost like that's what he gets for getting out of his car.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Ha ha thats funny, im italian!!!!!!!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 11:16 AM

Dumb fuck
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 11:30 AM

he deserved it...he knew that the car was spinning..
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 11:40 AM

i dont think he’l be needing that ambulance
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 11:40 AM

stupid fucker showing off!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 12:29 PM

I just FUCKING LOVE italian girls sl (and love italian girls FUCKING). Adesso chero fare l’amore con te cara mia. Non parlo molto bene italiano, ma poi fare altri cosi molte interessante!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 12:54 PM

By the way I love drifting too and this is what I call a common case of "over showing off". You can see he gets fucked up by the car when he stops and weaves at someone. Hmm must be one of those italian girls who flash their nice tities everyfuckingwhere. I almost crashed my g.d. kia in a similar situation. :P
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 12:58 PM

hahahah what astupid fuckin moron! hahahah i mean drifting cars is gay enough but this guy had to take it up another few levels!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 1:38 PM

hahahahahahahaha wow...
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 1:39 PM

What a fuckin RETARD!!!!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 3:34 PM

That was just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Asshat!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 5:49 PM

LOL rocky, my father was italian and came from italy and my mother was american, but i did not learn the laungage to well. So i have no idea what you said, i guess i should have specified!!!! Oh well.
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 6:57 PM

If he was in California, they would have given him a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 7:16 PM

lmfas, darwin award nominee
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 8:18 PM

sl, I think rocky is trying to tell you that he wants to make love to you. But he doesn’t speak Italian very well. And something about making something more interesting.
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 9:34 PM

And all you fucking europeans claim Americans are idiots. Well atleast you don’t see when that happens on this sight.
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 9:52 PM

LOL bionic, im married so ill have to pass and im sure almost everyone here is older than i am. The good age of 23!!!!!
posted on: 09-30-05 @ 11:31 PM

Retarded wop!
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 1:24 AM

rocky said he wants to make his anus look more interesting.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 3:47 AM

hey dbcoop you have a problem with italians? why don’t you go out in plubic and say it to one of our face you little pimple-face faggot.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 4:22 AM

mad cow
that show wasnt gay,,i think it was cool,,,but i have a problem to see 1000 ppl looking at it,,,cause i was doing that i was 16 with my first car,,,not a big deal
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 9:37 AM

sofa king we tawded
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 5:43 PM

Gurt god damit quit trying to show off first choking that little girl and slaping her up then this and shovin that shit in your dick when does it end
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 11:12 PM

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