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posted by Jay D. on 10/1/2005

One Badass Dog

What in god's name is this guy doing? You are not supposed to take your own shit, and stuff it into your dick. And just to make sure we're clear on this. Don't take other people's shit and stuff it into your penis either.
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Stuffed to the rim with him!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
He has good balance. I thought it was a joke at first, but I guess it is true. I also thought he would tip over.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 1:01 PM

Yer me too. But that is one bad ass dog. You need to change the comment under the video though b/c it is for that nasty dude.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 1:18 PM

thats nothing I walk on two legs all the time.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:15 PM

yes gaychips and you also come from the dog family.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:51 PM

BURN!!! poor gayschip. ahhahahahaha
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 3:02 PM

hahahah good one guychips
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 3:12 PM

lol gurtman got gaychips that time. even though i see gurtman’s dumbass comments. anyways porr doggie :’[ its pretty fast for just a 2 legged 4 legged animal
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 4:02 PM

i wonder if he ever plays in the street anymore
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 5:28 PM

He lives a normal life for a dog? I would like to see him run upstairs, or roll over, now that would be funny!
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 6:12 PM

Ey! It’s Lit’l Brudda..."I can make it oooon myyy oooowwwwn..." Little Brother ooooooh gooood ’sob’
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 2:30 PM

mad cow
we see him with his g/f at the end,,,maybe the kids will come up with 2 dicks
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 6:22 PM

dogs are definitely one of the things that make the world a better place.
posted on: 12-21-05 @ 4:37 PM

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