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posted by Jay D. on 10/1/2005

Who's The King Of The Jungle?

Sure everyone thinks that lions are the kings of the jungle, but have you seen then lately? Those mother fuckers don't play. And the male lions don't take shit from nobody, especially when it comes to their food and bitches.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
They sure are mean. I can’t believe people have these large cats for pets. Not a good house pet though.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 12:59 PM

Ckirton doesn’t take shit from her bitches either :P.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 1:48 PM

those hyenas are gonna be sore in the morning
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:08 PM

guess those hyeenas wont be fucking with the lion food anymore....
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:10 PM

great music the prodigy
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:43 PM

i saw this entire sequence play out on TV. the female lions had been fighting with these particular hyenas for weeks. the hyenas were driving the lionesses off of their kills and stealing their food. hynenas have the most powerful jaws of any land mamal, and in a fight , they try to get behind the other animal and bite their genitals. ouchie. a couple of the lionesses had gotten pretty torn up in scrapes with the hyena pack. at the very end of the documentary , it seems that the alpha male leader of the lions had enough of hyenas tearing up on HIS pussy. he is the one you see chasing a hyena at the end - named by the local people " he who greets them with fire and kills" . the hyena you see him killing is the alpha leader of the hyena pack. notice how hyenas swarmed all over the lionessses in their fight , but stood back and watched while "he who greets them with fire and kills" chewed their pack leader into little bits.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:48 PM

get over yourself old man. you sound like a little bitch. try not to get all worked up, you might break a hip or something. lol
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 2:55 PM

fuck that stupid hyeena( or how ever you spell that retarded dogs name)...serves those little thieving bastards right...death to all musslims!
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 3:52 PM

why dont the hyeenas just gang up on the lion and own that shit instead of pussying out from one lion. explain that mostyles :/
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 4:07 PM

mostyles you need to get out more
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 4:40 PM

why dont the lions get some guns and shoot them hyenas
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 4:41 PM

Lions are like teenagers, the male sits around on his ass while the female brings him food and seeks his aproval, man i miss living at home! The hyenas are the used car salesman trying to sell you sh*t, and your lioness won’t take no crap!
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 5:59 PM

you can see the conclusion to this on cops its the same principal fecals rob rape and steal until the white cracker cop shows up and takes them down also fecals are pack animals and will only fight in large groups its their twins in the animal kingdom
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 8:42 PM

i feel like i’m 10% dumber after reading that post from jd8coke
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 8:48 PM

the last time a female brought jd8coke any food, he was sitting in a cage w/ a monkey. ahaha
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 9:04 PM

and fuck you gayschip you imposter.
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 9:05 PM

whoa fuckin whoa, that is a dog eat dog world.....i know a few id like to take down like that
posted on: 10-01-05 @ 10:31 PM

Is this shit meant to be crazy?
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 7:58 AM

happy b day db
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 1:15 PM

I’d hate to be a hyena. I don’t think I could have sex with my girlfriend if she was constantly laughing at me.
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 5:30 PM

mad cow
a grizzly bear wuld kick his ass
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 6:16 PM

in the jungel the mighty jungle. sorry got carryed away there
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 7:04 PM

It is the same in the human world. The Hyena’s are the low life thieving niggers that steal everything and have no respect for a polite society and the lions are the white hard working people that pay for the welfare and unemployment for all of the scum to feed from. Sooner or later the providers will steal back.
posted on: 10-02-05 @ 7:52 PM

ummmm yeah rock on beasties
posted on: 10-03-05 @ 2:30 AM

first of all happy b day db. second of all, hate fucking hyena’s hope " he who greets them with fire and kills" made the ugly little bastards squeal. third, nice filming hreat slow-mo shots, almost made it feel like you were there.
posted on: 11-16-05 @ 12:24 AM

u gotta give it to that last hyena though he was holding his own against the king
posted on: 07-11-06 @ 7:16 AM

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