Cast Out The Demon!!!

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For me, I’d rather have the headache. That’s just me talking though. I could be wrong.

  • darkbluejay October 2, 2005

    stupid jamaicans/negros. (guys stfu im half black). i call bullshit on this whole demon thing

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  • archemedes_rex October 2, 2005

    Maybe someday, in the far future, these guys' technology will advance into the Iron Age.

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  • jwkj1274 October 2, 2005

    now thats fuckin funny....

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  • yokiti October 2, 2005

    of course it worked. imagine... "hey, mr. witch doctor, can you help with my headache?"

    "sure thing, buddy"

    the massage probably helps a little, ya know... relaxes him, lowers his blood pressure.

    "how's that?"

    "still hurts doc, isn't there anything else you can do?"

    "got just the thing..." WHACK! "how bout now?"

    guy's thinking, WTF! I gotta get the fuck outta here while i still have aposable thumbs! "sure thing doc, i'm all better now you crazy son of a bitch"

    Tada! A witch doctor is born.

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  • christ316 October 2, 2005

    good thing he didn't come in w/ a stomach ache. you'll have to wonder what that witch doctor'll want to chop off.

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  • burgie October 2, 2005

    Stupid fucking porch monkey's

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  •   cemetery man October 2, 2005


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  • zombiecuthroat October 2, 2005

    Thats a better treatment than the stuff we have today

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  • redskin420 October 3, 2005

    11th migrane your shit out of luck.

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  • gurtman23 October 3, 2005

    fuck that stupid nigga shit

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  • supergrover00 October 3, 2005

    That happened because that dude's health insurance wouldn't send him to a specialist. Damn bueracrats! Fucking gas is as much here as it is in fucking Europe! What have we been fighting wars for?!

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  • kissieface3769 October 3, 2005

    for the love of GOD AND EVERYTHING HOLY!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! That dude is going to be pissed when he learns about Asprin

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  • dj_busta_nutt October 3, 2005

    i wonder how the witch doctor cures the clap........

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  • msluvly0423 October 3, 2005

    burgie, I hope if u go to jail u get fucked by two big buck niggas named deebo and big sam while u sing I believe I can fly by r kelly. There's no reason to say shit like "stupid porch monkeys". I don't give a fuck what the video was. Do u NOT see that they live in fuckin africa where there really isn't shit like advil and tylenol to use?

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  • fuzzydemons October 3, 2005

    And the next great inventing for the fecal in the year 2006 will be the .........wheel have the fecals of africa even mastered the skill of fire yet? might set them dung huts ablaze and kill all of them

    not that it would be a bad thing

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  • lt__dan October 3, 2005

    yea i bet that took his mind off of any other pain he might have had......DUH!

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  • joseman October 3, 2005

    The witch doctor will be like Damon Wayon's Major Payne " You want me to show you a little trick to take away the pain?" WHACK!

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  • yokiti October 4, 2005

    I'm tired of if this "fecal" shit. I know that was redundant because fecal means shit. Suck my dick all you racist motherfuckers! I got news for you... slavery ended 140 years ago, segregation 35 years ago...

    I find it incredibly insulting that people are using this term, "fecal". Perhaps it is some demented flashback to their own birth into their trailer park dysfunctional family.

    Just an opinion from me, who lives in in the present, not 80 years ago. 32 year white guy in the midwest... If you have a problem with that suck my dick.



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  • threewayrico October 4, 2005

    FREE!!!!!!! ohh no, i'd feel like i was over paying .

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  • tree88 October 4, 2005

    Yo, yokiti, where did slavery and segregation end? For a fact both still go on even here in the good ol' USA. Go to Boston, NYC, Chicago, or even out on the left coast and check out the schools. Segregation never happened there.

    Sweatshops everywhere=slavery......

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  • yokiti October 4, 2005

    Tree88. I concede you do have a point. I used to drive truck over the road and have been all over the country. You are correct, there are places in this country where a kind of unofficial segregation goes on. Detroit stands out in my mind. I just get mad at these people spouting out all these racial slurs while hiding behind their glowing computer monitors.

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  • dariddla October 2, 2006


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  • dariddla October 2, 2006 if this was footage of would see the introduction of chains,whips, and KY...but no bitch...???

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  • bigtoall October 2, 2006


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  • xcookiesx April 1, 2009

    wat the hell...the headache mite b gone...but now he´s dealing with infections and even worse pain

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