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posted by Jay D. on 10/10/2005

Why Are Americans So Stupid?

Since when did France and Australia even the same shape? Fucking retards don't even know where France is. These people need to pull their heads out of their asses.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 1:17 PM

that shit is funny...fuckin tardos....
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 3:08 PM

typical american attitude lets invade the world nuke everyone except we dont know were it is. americans are ignorant assholes
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 3:54 PM

Ignorant? reread your post. I know the educational system here isn’t the best. You can’t even form a competent statement. And we should nuke Ireland too, I hear it’s somewhere near Peru.
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 4:13 PM

gay geography flunkees
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 4:19 PM

mad cow
fuck,,i cant believe it,,,retards,,,they give green cards to american like i get toys and cards in cereal boxes,,,fuckin bush shows how he cares about education
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 4:41 PM

fuckin canadians, getting their green cards from cereal boxes.
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 5:37 PM

Oh Gurt, don’t pin up that anger like that! Let it out! ;) Canadians get their green cards from cereal boxes? LMAO Hahahahahahahahaha WTF?
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 5:55 PM

Just shows how fucked our educational system really is.... Very sad....
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 6:21 PM

I liked the glass crater comment
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 7:41 PM

You know, do we even know these are Americans. Most have accents. I suspect canadians.
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 9:22 PM

Please, there are retards everywhere. These are fine examples of stupid people, but there are stupid people in every country. Making generalizations about an entire country makes you look like an ass. If you insisnt on america bashing im curious how you feel about being dominated by retards. Use your countries dominance of intellect to fight back..
posted on: 10-10-05 @ 9:39 PM

Apparently from the comments in here, I’d have to agree with gurtman... Ignorant fucking assholes!
posted on: 10-11-05 @ 12:13 AM

posted on: 10-11-05 @ 2:02 AM

I liked mad cow’s comment about green cards. No dipshit, if they are Americans they don’t need green cards. Green cards are for those who do a mass exodus, leaving whatever shithole you live in, to come here.
posted on: 10-11-05 @ 3:15 AM

Right on gh3tto. Or they just take our foreign aid and still tell us how bad we are. Why not just say thanks and shut the fuck up like good little children? Oh, and nuke france.
posted on: 10-11-05 @ 11:23 AM

Ok, here i go once again, ^^^^ why the fuck would i even consider moving to the states, your country is so fucked, your hated by every other country in the world, your govt has been a corrupt war mongership since ww2, the only way you retards got nukes was to kidnap german scientists and threaten them with death, I wonder if the two fucktards above^^ realize that if a single nuke launches the world is toast including ^^^ actually this topic would make a good title in the forums! WHY ARE AMERICANS SO FUCKING STUPID?
posted on: 10-11-05 @ 1:23 PM

I hope youre German tookalook. That would explain why you call us war mongers. (Germans know alot about warmongering plus mass extermination) Also how he thinks we needed German scientists when the Manhattan project was created and done primarily with the Army Corps of Enginerrs. Yeah Einstein helped .. but he left that German shithole cuz they wanted to put him in an oven. Some people may hate us for our foreign policies true, but if we did nothing well have more people cryinf why didn;t we help. Mainly people resent us being the sole superpower becuase they view thieR little shithole of a country as relevent ..when it isnt .. WHY IS YOUR COUNTRY DOMINATED BY RETARDS WHATS THAT MAKE YOU?
posted on: 10-11-05 @ 5:43 PM

not that any of this pissed me off cuz it really didnt. only a moron eurotrash woul think this reflects comon america.. and of course its safe to assume that they weeded out all the rational and intelligent people.. but i took a couple of screenshots and while the people are still stupid for confusing austrailia for iran and korea they were still setup. they purposely mislabeled austrailai in big letters. as if these people werent stupid enough they have to trickthem.. img406.imageshack.us/my.php?image=11li.jpg img406.imageshack.us/my.php?image=25il.jpg plus half the retards here talkin shit, if i handed them a map couldnt point out north korea anyhow..
posted on: 10-11-05 @ 9:59 PM

Good call there gh3tto. Though they were pretty stupid to think that Australia was Iran, the map was greatly mislabeled. But yeah... I’m shit with locations, but I know where Australia is and Iran, and France, and N/S Korea...
posted on: 10-12-05 @ 12:59 AM

Fuckin stupid americans. they dont have a fuckin clue "I’m thinking Italy" fuckin stupid as fuck.
posted on: 11-03-05 @ 7:23 AM

Ah, don’t feed the jealous foreigners. We’d be pretty pissed off too if there were a country better than us. It’s just another scam from another fat stupid European.
posted on: 11-11-05 @ 8:14 AM

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