Sick Ass Wave

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Real or fake? I’m going with real on this one. It’s not like that commercial for Power Aide. Plus I have seen some surf videos of people riding some waves like that. I believe they are in the middle of the ocean somewheres.

  •   thundermug October 11, 2005

    I hope he had a trap door in his shorts, or he's gonna need a lot of bleach!

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  • bigjim October 11, 2005

    Damn! That was one hell of a ride....

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  • fuzzydemons October 11, 2005

    i cant remember where that place is but the only way to read the waves is with boat or jet skis the waves break before the beach but its still insane

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  • guyschips1 October 11, 2005

    gay surfers

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  • jwkj1274 October 11, 2005

    read about this shit some where....some of these waves are off the coast of socal...about 70 miles off the coast from san diego... all in all that was fuckin killer...thumbs up to that dude...brass balls baby brass balls....

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  • jesus666 October 12, 2005

    The waves called Jaws, its in Hawaii. The wave jwkj1274 is talking about is a spot called Cortes Bank, just as fuckin big but much colder. This is the opening scene from a filk called Step Into Liquid.

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  • sexyspeed100 October 12, 2005

    thats insane...but the one surfer i know DROWNED from a huge ass wave...sad...i know.

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  • knave October 13, 2005

    LMFAO .. guychips, your so damn negative .. give the guy some props .. i wanna see your ass do that

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  • doctor_chill October 14, 2005

    crazy mofo

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  • cherryliceous October 29, 2005

    i just hope he made it

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  • alboy December 24, 2005

    where da jet ski go?.. respect

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