Rapists Get What They Deserve

Watch as some rapists get what they deserve. I think this should be common practice here in the U.S. Do you think that would cut down on the attempted/convicted rapes?

  • gurtman23 October 14, 2005

    man id love them job shooting rapists and murders, ive got a great big hardon right now

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  • sl October 14, 2005

    Damn they need to do that here, but no they get a slap on the wrist instead.

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  • thundermug October 14, 2005

    What about livestock rape? Who will stand up for those silent victims? But seriously, fuck yes, that is how you handle business.

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  • mostyles October 14, 2005

    Haka daka laka daka ali jihad!

    Daka laka george bush haka laka daka!

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  • raptor346 October 14, 2005

    What you no understand haka laka daka?!?

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  • lostinsanity October 14, 2005

    They got off lightly. In the words of the great George Carlin "they are ready to die, but they certainly aren't prepared to lick Jelly out of Thunderdicks ass" Granted it was about Bin Laden, but it resolves to this too. They should be put in jail with thunderdick, and a batch of jelly. They should also be forced to masturbate with poison ivy gloves while eating the jelly out of thunderdicks ass. Fuck shooting the disgusting pricks, torture them.

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  • guyschips1 October 14, 2005

    works for me............as long as its proven without a doubt that they are guilty. ........and on a side note: George Carlin is the man and should run for president

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  • longhaul October 14, 2005

    should of just let the vicitums at them instead of the family... that is if they lived threw the attack...with only one rule the attackers death has to be slow

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  • cleanclam October 14, 2005

    remember this is chechnya, not the middle east although the language sounds middle-eastern, i see no turbins. These are not muslims. In the muslim world it is the woman who is punished in the case of rape, she has dishonored her family. The actual rapist gets off with a slap on the wrist. In the case of adultery the woman is often stoned to death. I agree that rapists should face a firing squad, but only after there limp, worthless, peckers have gone through a chipper/shredder.

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  • rockybalboa October 14, 2005

    No man has the right to tale the life of other man. Period. Send them to jail, make them do social labor, even torturing them is better. MY NAME IS DEATH!

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  • archemedes_rex October 14, 2005

    You're just weird, Rocky.

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  • redskin420 October 14, 2005

    rocky,not trying to start shit or anything,but if it was your daughter,sister,mother,wife,etc,would you still think the same thing?I do agree with the torture thing though.Just let the family do it for about a year or so.

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  • rockybalboa October 15, 2005

    Pain is intense I know. I am weird I know. No kill humans. Fuck I think once again I am in the need of my medication.

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  • archemedes_rex October 15, 2005

    ROFL Rocky!

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  • jonthecableguy October 15, 2005

    George Carlin is the shit but, Actually Ron White said bin laden is ready to die but not ready to lick jelly out of thunderdicks buttcrack.

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  • gurtman23 October 15, 2005

    rapists should have their penis removed but keep the balls that way they still need to have sex but cant do shit about it.

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  • lostinsanity October 16, 2005

    Yeah... Ron White... my mistake. I think he is funny, shame he only has a few jokes though, but then again, compared to Foxworthys redneck only, and Engvalls Marriage and Stupid people only jokes, he has a better variety.

    george carlin rules, and I have been listening to "when will jesus bring the pork chops" on audio tape... that guyspeaks the truth on so many levels. That was why I was mistaken.

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  • gambaler89 October 18, 2005

    THAT WAS SOME BAD ASS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • huntsman October 20, 2005

    Allah hu ahkbar, indeed.

    G-d is great.

    It takes a savage nation to survive.

    I wish this were U.S. policy for murderers, rapists, and pedophiles.

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  • zareste November 11, 2005

    How do you know they were rapists? Oh, right: cause somebody wants to shoot them. The US used to kill random people whenever they felt like it, but we leave that to the world's trash dump nations now.

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  • libz March 23, 2006

    they deserved it the fuckin sick minded bastards id love that job to kill em all

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  • lizardking April 30, 2006

    As long as they are really guilty, a lot of rape accusations are false. Thank god for DNA!

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  • harrharr June 22, 2006

    I can't imagine what they are thinking on the wall.. makes you ponder.

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  • ranger26 August 27, 2007

    the victim should of been able to kill them. either way, thats awesome.

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  • mr_ant December 19, 2007

    That is what some of the motherfuckers on this site deserve because anybody that can joke about a poor Indian girl getting beaten,raped,and burned to death is probably a fucking rapist and/or murderer themself. Some of the scum of the Earth visit sites like these. :-/

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