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posted by Jay D. on 10/20/2005

Keep Your Jesus

Eric Schwartz might be going to hell, but he sure can sing a catchy tune. Besides being catchy it's pretty fucking true. Just remember that as the White House and the Conservative Right keep jamming their laws down our throats.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
let the arguments begin!....but i gotta say the guy makes a good fucking point
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 1:49 PM

Too long , too gay. Next.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 1:58 PM

I sure hope that the USA’s next president PAYS HIS FUCKING BILL$
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 2:03 PM

is it just me or does this guy remind you of steve-o
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 2:53 PM

lol>this thing is true kinda funny, kinda gay.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 2:59 PM

Fucking ignorant liberals... the clip was kinda fun but then again, gay and ignorant.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 4:48 PM

"now i am not antichristain before you grab a rope, there is beauty in religion and joy and love and hope, and were all looking for the answers this collosal cosmic cause, but who the fuck are you to turn your views into my laws" - best line
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:04 PM

i agree phillyc! well done!
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:22 PM

Besides being catchy it’s pretty fuck’n tizzle now motherfuckers lemme here ya say hoe. Jizzle rappa T-H-to-tha-izzat as tha White Hizouse n tha Conservative Right kizzle mackin’ they laws D-to-tha-izzown our throats.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:26 PM

The baby jesus is crying
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:35 PM

You keep yer penis off of me, or not even Jesus will be enough for you.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:58 PM

hahahahaha amen... thats some true shit right there... and roooockkky ... your still a moron no matter how much of your shit is shoved back up your ass... the funny thing is with your ignorant comments you just show everyone that your dumb.. u try to turn it around and all you have to say is liberals.. such a moron.. hahahaha great clip!
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 6:59 PM

posted on: 10-20-05 @ 7:35 PM

yo this shit is stupid but bush can kiss my ass that stupid bitch
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 8:59 PM

That was funny and true. We need to broadcast that on the radio.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 1:12 AM

ok first of all.... it would have been better if it were about hot chics making out rather than a gay man’s penis... and second ROCKY..... do you even know what the fuck the word IGNORANT means??? fucking look it up ...........might as well look up some new verbage for your pathetic little concept of the English language..............I need more boobs... er booze
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 3:37 AM

Yeah kissieface, I know what it means in 5 different languages (english,spanish, french, german and italian). What about you? Ah! there goes an example of ignorance :) No hard feelings honey... And Braody, I recognize my ignorance. I’m constantly searching the light (knowledge you moron). What I am pretty sure is that I am a little bit less ignorant than you are. Do you pieces of shit have a better explanation of this system of things (the universe)? Did you know scientists are turning down the theory of evolution and are looking thowards a new theory called "Intelligent design". It’s been taught in your schools right now... it seems they gave up on the idea that all this was created by a lucky explosion in the universe. There must be a God, a creator. Now Jesus’ words are a little bit more credible aren’t they?
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 10:22 AM

this song is true except for the jesus parts thats just wrong
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 12:26 PM

Love to piss on your parade rockybalboa but the word of god let alone Jesus is still as unbelievable as the day it was thought up by some lone drunk in some medieval bar. Why do we have to proof to you religious fanatics that there could be something else? At least we are trying to find out what it could be but all you do is really on faith from some old book with some nice fictional stories in it you may as well believe in the karan. Atleast there you go to heaven and score with 7 virgin women..sounds good to me.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 2:17 PM

rocky youre ignorance (sorry to overuse the word but here its use is demanded) and naivity is made abundantly clear. scientists arent moving away from evolution and towards intelligent design... intelligent design is a contraption (ill-)conceived by religious zealots to try and break into the scientific community to try and topple what has been created thus far (because they think (but they say they "know") that theyre right and everyone else is wrong (as they always do)). if you knew how to think before you spoke (or typed as the case may be) and perhaps do some research on the subject instead of taking a 2 minute sample of someones idea(s) for fact youd know that scientists are not moving away from evolution but are instead also looking at a possiblity (and an almost certainty) of a quantum reality being the explanation for it all wherein its proof lies in the quantum physics and i may not know you but i doubt youve a phD in quantum physics... hell... id be surprised if youve even managed to get a diploma... or a ged for that matter. :)) religion is poison... it bears the seeds of all discontent. i feel bad for those of you who put their faith in a god that doesnt exist. and to believe that intelligent design is the answer... ... ...
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 4:11 PM

Hi let me introduce myself again good ole boy Rocko.................. I was accepted to MENSA......... thanks ya ass wanker. and you may know how to spell the word IGNORANT in 5 languages but you fail to understand the meaning. You on your BEST day aren’t as smart as me on my WORST day when I am drunk and passed out.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 4:34 PM

I don’t drink, or smoke Kissieface I’m not that ignorant. BTW Ask a mexican or someone who speaks spanish what does MENSA mean... Now I know why they accepted you! lol BTW who gives a fuck if you got a Yale or Harvard diploma? A University diploma is by no means synonym of smartness. Anyone who thinks so is a fucking shit-for-brains dinosaur. Have a nice and ignorant day :-) (no hard feelings)
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 5:05 PM

zephaniah you should thank God he is so merciful upon us... Now give me solid proof there is no God and I will stop believing. By no means I am trying to make you believe, but it is so fucking hilarious when people disapprove the existence of a higher presence just because they cannot see it. Can you see radio waves? NO, but you listen to the goddamn radio. Go back to the year 1800 and explain someone there are invisible waves that can be used to send and deliver messages. His name may not be God, Jehova or Alah, but what I am sure is that THERE IS a force that is responsible for everything we are and everything we have today. You do not have to be a PhD in quantum physics to arrive to that conclusion. Life is so diverse and complex that it is ridiculous to think it is a product of chance. Take a look at the complexity of our body, take a look at the complexity of our brain, our FEELINGS. However, that is a personal conclusion. I am NOT trying to impose it on you. I know you will not be able to understand that.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 5:13 PM

mensa in spanish means stupid or dumb... but that by no means defines what the mensa society is... its an ironical title based on a play of words. now it is true that you dont have to have a diploma or a degree to have intelligence however... it is indicative of intelligence and therefore a lack of one also denotes a lack in the other (granted to a certain extent). but you keep believing that your god exists and that hell save you from whatever your problems are (be it stupidity or responsibility or whatever) and come the day of your death... itll be a nice ’hmph’ thatll come round your way when you see that you wasted your (mortal) life (granted it is only but a infinitesimally insignificant moment in comparison to the infinite) bowing and worshiping and appeasing the character you call god in hopes of a post-mortem reward only to find disappointment. but if you believe that this new fandangled attempt to describe the history of existence by way of an ’intelligent design’ exists... far be it from me to tell you not to. however... its because of people like you who turn crackpot ideas into things like scientology (sp?) and god and religion etc. (yes the idea of a god is just as ridiculous as the idea that alien spirits who were nuked a long time ago attach themselves to your body and make you act the way you do). take responsibility for your actions leave your god-crutch behind... ... ...
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 5:15 PM

P.S.: I am a computer science graduate with an Internet technologies and communications specialization. That does not mean a shit, it’s just a title. But I have to stay that clear because I know it’s the first ignorant shit you will come up with.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 5:29 PM

KUDOS! and im working on the phD... but still got a good way to go. but there are others who do (and not only is it physics that says this but other sciences such as neurology, biology (which i guess might be implied in neurology (or vice versa) but thats besides the point)) but just as i cannot prove (by physical means) the thought of radio waves other than by perhaps mathematical equations and experimentations... you cannot prove the existence of god. all that you can do to say that he exists is to say that he exists and point me towards a bible which has no validity of being the word of god. and even so how can you say your god is more real than those of other beliefs? but thats neither here nor there... but radio waves do exist and can be seen by the existence of radios... functioning radios. just the same it can be seen that atoms slip in and out of universes (because they slip in and out of this universe therefore they have to go somewhere... and that would be to a parallel universe) thus showing existence of other parallel realities. there are plenty of books on the subject... dr fred alan wolfe is a good read... ... ...
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 6:08 PM

lol I didn’t graduate from yale or harvard.... lol thats fuckin funny.... just a hot chic with a lot of brains and just too god damn smart for what I do...... where the hell is my booze............ rocky love ya man... you’re funny when you are frazzled
posted on: 10-22-05 @ 4:50 AM

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