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posted by Jay D. on 10/20/2005

The Tables Have Turned

Remember the old saying, “when the cats away, the mice will play”? Well the cat came back in the middle of a block party full of mice. This cat gets fucked up by these rats.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Ahhhhhhh.........bloody pussy.............. Why do black animals always attack white pussy
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 1:54 PM

OMG poor cat! Thats pretty fuckin sick.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 2:26 PM

i hate fucking cats..
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 2:34 PM

if ya hate cats ya gotta hate rats even more
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 2:52 PM

I don’t give a fuck what animal you hate. Nothing deserves to be bitten to death by rats.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 3:16 PM

I don’t give a fuck what animal you hate. Nothing deserves to be bitten to death by cats.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 4:42 PM

i hate rats and cats and those fucking seagulls
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:28 PM

eww tizzy was rizzay Pluse i love cats
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:32 PM

Nice camera work. Who shot the video? another tabby? And why didn’t the cat just run away? Oh! I get it! Someone stuck that poor lil kitty in a tank full of hungry rats. How they come up with that one?
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 5:52 PM

Some of the people on this site are jerking off to this video.
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 7:09 PM

thats sooooo sad!
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 7:33 PM

that shit was fake
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 9:02 PM

Yup that works, K throw in Bush then Paul Martin after that every last fucking muslim and if their still hungry..... in ya go rocky!
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 9:31 PM

more baby more that was fucin great
posted on: 10-20-05 @ 9:41 PM

hahaahahahhaha tooka look... great comment... lets do it in texas... fly in all the shiites and drag all the hicks and let them go at it!!!
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 12:45 AM

yes that was fucking sick,i have to agree with dfyla nothing deserves that
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 1:07 AM

this was on a Faces of Death.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 3:36 AM

You can throw me in tookalook, just give me a fork and a knife, and some antiacid (optional).
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 10:11 AM

that shit pissed me the fuck off. NO animal deserves that shit. wtf do people have to be such assholes. i think we need to find those fuckfaces and put them in a fucking pool of hungry great whites. then feed the rats the remanders. IF THERE IS ANY LEFT. FUCKING ASSHOLES
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 11:41 AM

calm down sexyspeed.. yeah the bastard film makers should have stopped it yaddah yaddah yaddah.... but this is what happens when you DON’T take care of a rodent problem.......
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 4:31 PM

All cats and rats MUST DIE.
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 5:02 PM

cats tear mice and rats to pieces all the time... this is merely justice served. About time the rats and mice got their own back. To all you closed minded fucks who feel sorry for the cat, just think about all the mice the little bastard had killed before this incident? Do you still feel the cat didn’t deserve this?
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 6:22 PM

That cat shoulda ran... forget tryan fight forty rats
posted on: 10-21-05 @ 11:12 PM

White cat should not be in a Black rat’s area in the 1st place! Hint!
posted on: 10-29-05 @ 6:26 PM

posted on: 01-01-06 @ 12:00 PM

other than sylvester i fookin detest cats that was a suthering suther cat
posted on: 03-20-06 @ 7:01 PM

that is fuckin sick how any one can film that its just cruelty and the bastards deserve to die and yh im a cat lover there lovely
posted on: 03-23-06 @ 3:42 PM

well i guess they dont call this CrazyShit for nothing....
posted on: 07-11-06 @ 7:40 AM

to much, to much.. leave shit like that of here nobody wants to actually see that. And if you do, and enjoy it, then you should be fucking shot. I mean 99% of the comments are negative about this video. Why even post it if theres just all negativity? put something up thats ’crazy" not fucking disturbing.
posted on: 10-20-07 @ 8:37 PM

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