Strong Legs

I wonder why would you even try to do this? Why would you go on a show to prove you can do it?

  • cleanclam October 29, 2005

    i seen this show, those are his kids. I bet there was a learning curve and them kids got the bruises to prove it.

  • cardioprincess October 29, 2005

    that is pretty awesome, I wanna try that.

  • blue-steel October 29, 2005

    thiznat was sick i wizzay ta do tizzy

  • bossadl1 October 29, 2005

    stupid fucks

  • oie71 October 29, 2005

    wow that was cool and also looks like fun.awesome.

  • mike_d October 30, 2005

    fuckin a thats talent

  • braody October 30, 2005

    I wonder if he ever missed the stick, and fell in between his legs?

  • mechanicman October 31, 2005

    One can only imagine the time invested to master the twirling of children on a stick , not to mention getting a woman to lay down long enough to get pregnant twice so as to have stick adornments. Makes my life seem so shallow , I'm heading to the store and going to buy a 2x4 and get a couple of crack heads to practice with , they don't weigh much , and are expendable.

  • redneck441 October 31, 2005

    Hell I'd charge for rides

  • naughty_samara November 4, 2005

    That looks like hella good fun!!!

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