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posted by Jesse U on 10/30/2005

Not Smart As A Fox

Jesus!!! I always thought a Fox could at least out run a couple of dogs. O well there goes that theory.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Poor fox, I know excactly how it feels..I go thru the same thing with the women when I go out to the bars!
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 2:04 PM

Shoulda just shot the dogs...oh wait, they cant have guns in england. Just wait, the fuckin asshole anti-gunners will have it like that here soon too. Hillary Clinton, Jonh Kerry, and Dianne Feinstein can all suck my COCK...... Sorry, I kinda went off on a tangent there!
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 2:14 PM

Dude that is just wrong, i hope someone does that to his dogs, If he wanted them to stop he would have dropped the camera.. Just pisses me off people like that.......... wish i knew this guy
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 4:13 PM

wicked you fucking moron... this is a video about dogs attacking a fox, and you turn it into this political thing, did you just finish getting your brain washed on fox 11 news, its soo funny how they control your emotions with tv... ur a fucking bag of douches.
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 6:03 PM

posted on: 10-30-05 @ 7:58 PM

somebody need to get some pitbulls do go around and gang up on shit dat will be fat
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 8:37 PM

Shit happens , hate to see it tho . Sounded like the old fucker was about to have a damn stroke , bet them dogs would enjoy eating the asshole off his dead body. I like dogs, but when I holler at my mutts to "leave it" they know that a swift kick is coming pretty quick if they don’t pay attention. Plaindamns make the best dogs.
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 9:02 PM

LMMFAO @ "braody" thank you. Dont you know that everything is about politics. BTW I dont get my news from Fox
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 10:44 PM

Stupis ass pussy sport.
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 11:35 PM

oops stupid*
posted on: 10-30-05 @ 11:36 PM

Poor fox. :(
posted on: 10-31-05 @ 12:26 PM

You are all bunch of fucking retards. Every single news network puts a slant on the news it reports, it just happens to be that fox news slants to the right. Oh yeah, guns don’t pull their own trigger.
posted on: 10-31-05 @ 5:47 PM

Well now I know how bididiot came up with his name.
posted on: 11-01-05 @ 10:52 PM

ohhhhhhhhh... I didn’t like it at all. shit happens yes... but my pooch looks like a fox....... ...... yeah and I agree with braody and wicked.............. I’m going to go pet my puppy now....
posted on: 11-02-05 @ 2:33 AM

thats sad!!!
posted on: 11-04-05 @ 5:46 AM

just feed your dam dog so it wont be tempted,, geeeze
posted on: 11-08-05 @ 11:34 PM

to kill for no reason other than pleasure... there is a special place in hell for you
posted on: 12-21-05 @ 9:31 AM

if i find out who this fucker is your ass is mine and my staffordshire bulls would like that meat them hounds mother fucker.......
posted on: 03-06-06 @ 7:32 AM

posted on: 12-09-06 @ 6:18 PM

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