The S&M Game

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Gawd I am so jealous of the Japanese people. They have the fucking coolest TV game shows!

  • latara1973 November 4, 2005

    Why can't they have shows like that here in the U.S.? :(

  • thundermug November 4, 2005

    I call this one "the camle-toe knot".

  • poolqt November 4, 2005

    that might have been a good video if i could FUCKIN UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!

  • bluebiggs November 4, 2005

    for halloween my girlfriend opted to be the model for this shibari. this is another reason why the japs rule. btw the knots the guy did on my gal were way more intriqit. and ther were special, tug leads that i got to pull on and made her cum infront of every one.

  • guyschips1 November 4, 2005

    ive tied up women better than that before

  • archemedes_rex November 4, 2005

    I remember sitting in art class in middle school, learning macrame, wondering if I would ever have a use for it. Apparently, lots of people found a use for it.

  • mike_d November 5, 2005

    I like that game. Can I play?

  • yaoimyantidrug January 1, 2006

    Asian men are so sexy

  • fir3blade January 8, 2006

    ^^^^^^ asian men are so sexy...lmfao well enjoy their 3 inch penises

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