Would Be Robbers Get Owned

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Wang Dong gets revenge on some brother's asses. Popping a cap in some would be robber asses.

  • simon154 November 7, 2005

    Ooooo dont fuck with wang.

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  • burgie November 7, 2005

    Fucking thieves got just what they deserved.

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  • djdynasty November 7, 2005


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  •   thundermug November 7, 2005

    Instant justice. But now Wang has violated their rights. They'll probably send him up the river for not addressing the socio-economic reasons that these inner-city youths were forced to resort to stealing. Love that justice system.

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  • guyschips1 November 7, 2005


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  • tookalook November 7, 2005

    Fucken eh! best video on CS I've seen in a long time. Wang Dong lmao, thats not his real name is it?

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  • redneck441 November 7, 2005

    Wang Da man

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  • mechanicman November 7, 2005

    Reload and finish the damn job, I saw one twiching.

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  •   Jay D. November 7, 2005

    Ohh, FYI. from now on, every Asain male will be named Wang Dong.

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  • bigjim November 7, 2005

    Out-fucking-standing! I just love to see some good old fashioned street justice. I worked the evening shift at a ghetto Circle K back when I was a teenager starting college. Got robbed all the damn time! Bastards would come in 3, 4 or 5 at a time and all I had was a friggin baseball bat.... At least I never got shot or stabbed, shot at once, but the fucker missed!

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  • 2_poor_2_pay November 7, 2005

    too bad the justice system will eventually take the sides of the robbers, in some way shape or form... Lets not remember that they were trying to rob the store or anything...with weapons..no no..

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  • oie71 November 7, 2005

    hey doesn't anyone believe in our justice system anymore???

    wang dong should have let the law take care of those punks instead of taking the law in his own hands. Just for a few bucks.

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  • yokiti November 7, 2005

    oie... no, not really... there has been a widely circulated video on the internet in the last couple of months where an elderly store clerk got robbed... he cooperated, gave the money in the till, got shot with his hands up after the fuckers already had the money. the video is memorable because they elderly clerk goes down off camera. He calls for help, but after 15-20 seconds his lungs are too filled with blood to call out. after that you just hear him gurgling till he is dead.

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  • leebuck2 November 7, 2005

    Fucking outstanding. Those booger bears got cole smoked just thier nigger ass role model Tu Pac. I hate those mother fuckers.

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  • gasguy November 8, 2005

    darn tootin ,good shootin

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  • butchermp November 8, 2005

    My Main Man Wang, you fucking go man shoot the shit out of those monkeys... fuck the justice system they would of served 2 wks and proba. this way here there six feet under and doing life!!!LOL. wang man next time put another clip in the gun and empty it on them again just to make sure!!!LOL >>>> THERE IS JUSTICE IN AMERICA, BUY A 45....LOL,,,THATS ALL THANKS

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  • ibdirty1 November 8, 2005


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  • thedeadpoet76 November 8, 2005

    I guess no one ever taught those guys the art of Run Foo Run. The clerk was obvious a master of Pop en da Kapz.

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  •   cemetery man November 8, 2005

    every man should have a gun at all times

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  • canukcop November 8, 2005

    1.> turn your head ignorantly while Wang finishes the job. (no sense in the taxpayers paying for them for the rest of their lives.) 2.> Plant fingerprints on Wang's gun (make it look like the perps had brought it in with them) 3.> Thank Wang very nicely for his civic duty and wish him lots of luck with his business.

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  • mike_d November 8, 2005

    good ol Shaing Hi justice

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  • redwood418 November 10, 2005

    dropin 'em like flies. love it. fuck the body bags use trash bags and put them on the curb for all to see!!

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  • pablosdog November 15, 2005

    Loved it! would like to donate money so Wang can get a better camera for next time.

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  • boondocksaint December 16, 2006

    Fuck yes, stupid niggers got what was coming to them. Get a fucking job you stupid coon bastards.

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  • thecarmelcrow July 6, 2008


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