The Great White Hope!

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Who said the white man can’t jump? This dude is fucking insane when it comes to the dunk. Unless of course they lowered the hoop for him. But I don’t really think so.

  • cleanclam November 8, 2005

    Rock the Cradle - Could be Fatal,,,,,,,,Dr. Dunkenstien

  • guyschips1 November 8, 2005

    not bad for a gay guy

  • yokiti November 8, 2005

    guyschips - You don't give an inch, do ya?

  • lt__dan November 8, 2005


  • mike_d November 9, 2005

    its like watching the WNBA BFD

  • bildo619 November 9, 2005

    I LOVE TO SEE WHITE GUYS PUT IT I THE HOOP HARD!!!!!!!!! you fags fuck off.

  • gay_americans November 9, 2005

    i just want to take this time to say that gurtmans an ugly cunt

  • broadwaytx November 9, 2005

    careful fo yo job.....rainman got skillz

  • zombiecuthroat December 5, 2005

    she has prooven my point that everyone but a handful on the internet are you fuckin redneck dumfucks who are from alabama or some shit because over there theres nothing fun to do except for the internet and being dumb banjo playing peices of shits haha fukin losers that part of the country is only good for agriculture and nuclear silos !

  • topar999 March 21, 2006

    lanky streak of piss???

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