Wipe Out

Jesse U.
11,089 Views 1 decade ago

Stupid ass kid. I guess nobody ever told him to pull up.

  • cleanclam November 12, 2005

    smart move! using yer face to break yer fall.

  • guyschips1 November 12, 2005

    tuck and roll bitch tuck and roll

  • archemedes_rex November 12, 2005

    "Why is my eyeball hanging out of my nostril?!"

  • redwood418 November 12, 2005

    just a little roadrash on the face. helps keep the zits away.

  • djdynasty November 12, 2005

    Its a sledgehammer

  • mike_d November 13, 2005

    Have you ever taken your bike off of any rad jumps?

  • doctor_chill November 13, 2005

    vote for Pedro

  • lilwhiteguy1 November 13, 2005

    im lilwhiteguy and im tired of fuckin bigniggaz shit...

    that coon fuckin bastard pisses me off...

    if any of u have any idea what he loox like, tell me so i can find him and beat the fuck out of his black ass!

    fuckin niggerz...

    w/ their fuckin cornbread, and fuckin watermelons...

    fried chicken fuckin bastards...

  • chuud2002 November 13, 2005

    lilwhiteguy1 di you know they just found out KFC has cancer causing agents in it? I bet your happy

  • fukedupasshole November 13, 2005

    lilwhiteguy sound like an uneducated asshole. Why the fuck do you hate black people so much? Racist people are complete idiots. Besides the clip was pretty funny. I have seen people do that before

  • mike_d November 14, 2005

    Typical insecure bull shit from alittle white boy.lol...........lmao you little panty waste bitch.

  • nathan November 14, 2005


  • flakeyflakez December 26, 2005


  • playwithit June 29, 2007

    dude you got like three feet of are that time

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