Fuck You! I'm Outta Here!

Jesse U.
19,308 Views 1 decade ago

I'm willing to bet that 8 out of 10 people out there, have wanted to do this or something real close to this at least once before

  • guyschips1 November 13, 2005

    i bet that felt great even though it looked ignorant

  • kenshin November 13, 2005

    My best guess is he got his friend to record him quitting. What a goofy bastard. Jumping around all nimbly pimbly.

  • mustardgas November 13, 2005

    stupid white boys

  • wicked_m4 November 13, 2005

    um actually turd gas, his friend was black

  • tree88 November 13, 2005

    How immature. gay and lame

  • mike_d November 14, 2005

    How fucking stoooooooopid.

  • silverss396 November 14, 2005

    and then they went and gave each other hand jobs...

  • cleanclam November 14, 2005

    whats so fuckin funny? guy shoulda took a shit at his work station or jack off on the bosses desk or something. Run around screaming "I Quit" while yer gay friend tapes it? I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. How lame is that? I gotta give it 2 thumbs down. I sure hope he's able to find another $8/Hr. unskilled assembly job without a reference.

  • twist one up November 14, 2005

    Ya figure that out all by yourself kenshin?

  • nathan November 14, 2005


  • redwood418 November 14, 2005

    he will someday be the president of the united states. that was just the begining of a fucktards politicle career

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