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posted by Jay D. on 11/15/2005

It's All About The Gripp

That's one hell of a kick back. Here's the story that goes along with the video:

The gun in the video is basically a "show and tell" custom built on a Thompson Encore (fancy version of the Thompson Contender).

The caliber...

600 Nitro Express. That's right...an elephant gun round in a handgun. The story goes that the guy that built it is some kind of custom gun maker, and built this as an exhibition piece. He takes it to the range with him just to show it off, and the big guy that shot it (in the video) had been bugging the builder to let him shoot it. Now think about this...only until fairly recently (early-mid '80's IIRC) the 600 Nitro Express was hands down the biggest, nastiest, hardest hitting, and heaviest recoiling weapon you could buy. It was designed for one simple purpose...to knock an elephant flat on his a$$. IMO, it was really built as an exhibition piece for guys "compensating"...this cartridge is known for breaking collarbones, arms, shoulders...of the shooter! Think about this...in the gun world they use what is termed as a "recoil index" to kind of give prospective buyers an idea of what agun kicks like. A .30-06 gets a rating of a 1.0, which for many people is about the limit of what they can shoot multiple rounds thru comfortably. A .243 is rated at like a .4, a .270 was like a .8, etc.

The .600 Nitro Express is rated at a 9.4...9.4 times more punishing than a 30-06.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 1:05 PM

twist one up
Holy fuck is right, big poppa!
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 3:52 PM

Shoot ’im agin Lester, he’s still kickin’
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 4:23 PM

mad cow
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 4:23 PM

I would have love to seen him one hand it like he originally was. He would have been digging the front sight out of his fuckin head.
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 4:29 PM

wouldnt it suck if u missed the person ur trying to shoot and the gun flew back at u, smaked u in the face and knocked u out ...
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 4:34 PM

looks like he still has the grip. Imagine a 100lb person holding that fucker
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 4:36 PM

and gay once more
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 5:07 PM

I did that once. It was a muzzle-loader sawed-off shotgun I fired one-handed while my hand was still greasy from loading it. It hit me in the forehead. Probably why I’m like I am today.
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 7:06 PM

i would fire it but i would have a sandbag or 4 on top of it... go ahead bubba one hand it
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 9:45 PM

LOL he couldnt hold on to it with his fat little sausage fingers lol
posted on: 11-15-05 @ 10:43 PM

Why is that ’gay’ guy allowed to post here?
posted on: 11-16-05 @ 7:02 AM

twist one up
Are you talking about guyschips1, zareste?
posted on: 11-16-05 @ 11:08 AM

LMAO!!!!and he can post wherever he wants zareste and he IS NOT gay.
posted on: 11-16-05 @ 2:42 PM

sorry, but why pck the name guychips1? sound like a homosexual brand of chips. can’t just eat 1.
posted on: 11-16-05 @ 4:52 PM

"LMAO!!!!and he can post wherever he wants zareste and he IS NOT gay." Woo, looks like someone needs her pills
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 11:47 AM

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