Simba's Pretty Pissed

Jesse U.
31,323 Views 1 decade ago

They don't call him king of the jungle for no reason

  • monkee November 18, 2005

    that lion about had a little hunter snack

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  • christ316 November 18, 2005

    that lion shoulda aim for the nuts.

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  • zephaniah November 18, 2005

    yeah... sharp teeth and claws over an inch or so in length... body weight of about 500+ lbs... still no match for the all powerful opposable thumb and a 3 lb brain. sad to see him go but its comforting to know whos still on top of the food chain.

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  • guyschips1 November 18, 2005

    fucking jerks, i wish the lion would have killed one of them

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  • themurphdog November 18, 2005

    The lion was a bad MoFo it took 12 shots to put that bitch down.

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  • clemenza November 18, 2005

    too bad all of their guns didn't jam,now that would have been something too see---that loin eat some assholes with guns,that would be entertainment

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  • gurtman23 November 18, 2005

    yeah what guychips1 said ^ would have been funny watching a lion rip someones arm off

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  •   thundermug November 18, 2005

    My cat at home has tried to roll me up like that when I had a bowl of Whiskas in my hand. Don't these fuckers know you just have to fire up the vacuumn cleaner in that thing will turn tail and run?

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  • bigidiot November 18, 2005






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  • mark1508 November 18, 2005

    i swear i thought he was gonna die

    ( what would u od if the lion jus popped out of the bushes with a sniper rifle and jus lit them all up)

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  • zombie99 November 18, 2005

    bigidiot, you think lion would taste good? hmmm

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  • c5rag02 November 18, 2005

    taste like pussy

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  • tookalook November 18, 2005

    Shhh, I'm hunting a wion today, I'm such a bwave hunter,hehehehehe, I need to hunt a big wion because my penis is so small, hehehehehehe, I'm going to kill my wife next because she makes fun of my tiny pecker, heheheheheh.

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  • burgie November 18, 2005

    Fucktards, I would have liked to see the lion fuck them up.

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  • redwood418 November 18, 2005

    dum asses with guns. someone needs to shoot at them in their home.

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  • zareste November 18, 2005

    "Shhh, I'm hunting a wion today, I'm such a bwave hunter,hehehehehe"

    When suddenly, "OH SHIT it's coming at me face-to-face!! MOMMY!! HELP!! I'M SCARED! I WANT MY.... Oh whew! Nice shot guys! I didn't wanna have to beat that lion down with my bare hands or anything. Y'know, I'd have - OH GOD IT'S MOVING--"

    I'll call it a 'sport' the day a conservative fulfills their bloodlust without using our guns.

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  • bigidiot November 18, 2005

    Anyone who dumps on hunting but eats or wears any animal product is a FUCKING HYPOCRITE.

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  • mustardgas November 18, 2005

    Sad shit. Why do white people kill what they cannot eat?

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  • ghewly November 19, 2005

    im sorry, but they are all cock suckers

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  • litefyre November 19, 2005

    I had to sign up just to comment on zephaniah's statement. That talk about being happy who's still on top of the food chain. How bout you even it up and put the same amount of those lions as there are guns in that situation.. Tell me those people will still be "on top of the food chain".

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  • doctor_chill November 19, 2005

    litefucker^^^there will always be more fucktards with guns than lions. Humans are on top of the food chain. you must be a fucking tree hugging vegetarian, antigun, hybrid car driving douche bag!

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  • mad cow November 19, 2005

    no matter what this guy will hunt,,i sincerely wish a lion eat his kid one day,,,

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  • bigdrop November 20, 2005

    hey nurse chill nuts, trees are cool vegtables taste great guns suck and hybrid cars save huge fucking money, your the dipshit douche bag. DOG

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  • burdenedbro November 20, 2005

    Would have been awsome if when the lion knocked him down his gun that fell pointed at him would have went off and blew his tiny wee wee off. Game hunters suck ass and should be hunted themselves.

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  • zephaniah November 21, 2005

    litefyre... whether or not you believe it humans are on top of the food chain. and thats because weve killed (or are capable of killing) just about everything (if not everything) there is on this planet (and perhaps can even destroy the planet itself). its not a bombastic claim... its the truth. ive never seen or heard of an instance where a lion killed a whale or a great white killed a tiger. its most likely because they dont interact with one another and have no way to. but humans can... and do. whatever your views are on trophy hunting is your business... but theres a reason why there were 5 people with guns. because they knew it might take those 5 people to take out that 1 lion. had they been going after 5 lions... guess what. theyd probably either would have had even more people or automatic weapons... or whatever would have been necessary to take down all 5 (if that was to be their goal) or perhaps they would have just left them alone and went after a solitary lion (like they did). but there was 1. and if you and i were watching the same clip... we both saw who came out on top (close shave and all). and even before there were guns... there were tribesmen who killed lions with a pointed stick to prove that they were men. so the means dont justify the remark... the ends do. its nice to know you have sympathy for those animals that are killed needlessly... but dont let that distort your views on what is real. its that universe that sits inside your skull and those thumbs that you take for granted which compensate for the lack of having a massive body and claws/fangs in order for you to be able to compete with the rest of the animal kingdom... and come out on top.

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  • twist one up November 21, 2005

    Oh my god, *YAWN*,

    Fucking crybabies quit posting god damn essays just to get your point accross.

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  • archemedes_rex November 21, 2005

    Actually, I'm wondering what lion WOULD taste like.

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  • tookalook November 24, 2005

    Probably like pussy hah^^^

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  • vadouchebag May 23, 2006

    stupid fuckers, i wish that lion would of bit that bitch in the face

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  • zrotpar May 3, 2011

    After the first shot, the lion got back up and said, "Who did that?! That's gonna cost you your ASS!"

    Damn near collected it too.

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  • romano1784 May 5, 2012

    Electric toothbrush and a bottle of vinegar, see the fear in any cats eyes..

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