Cat Walk With A Twist

Jesse U.
13,510 Views 1 decade ago

Kewl trick. Would have been better if he fell down.

  • silverss396 November 19, 2005


  • doctor_chill November 19, 2005

    To bad that guy will not be living much longer if he keeps trying stupid shit like that.

  • mark1508 November 20, 2005

    im jealous cuz if i could do that id show every1 i could

  • koochie_eater November 20, 2005

    I just hope this Squid Crashes big time and end up in a hospital somewhere and be booked for reckless driving.I Ride Sportbikes Myself & never did I do that kinda stuff.These are the guys who give our sport a bad name!.Take it to the track and we'll see how good you really are schmuck!!!

  • gay_americans November 20, 2005

    gay biker

  • leebuck2 November 20, 2005

    Stupid nig.

  • fukedupasshole November 20, 2005


  • fox1974 November 20, 2005

    well at least this guy had his clothes on.

  • mike_d November 21, 2005

    who said all those saftey lessons wouldnt pay off

  • cleanclam November 21, 2005

    helmet may be on a little too tight

  • jd8coke November 21, 2005

    That's what doctors call an organ donor!

  • wicked_m4 November 21, 2005

    Live fast- Die young

  • hailobai December 17, 2006

    Ok so here is what I don't get, yeah he may be making a stupid choice, but what's up with you retards posting stupid messages wishing that something bad were to happen to him. koochie_eater, don't be jealous because you don't compare to the skills this man has.

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