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posted by Jesse U on 11/19/2005

Never Saw It Coming

You have to love the way this asshole comes thru smiling and then beats this kid down. What a dick.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I would expect a sucker punch from the skinny mofo but not the big one. What a pussy!!!
posted on: 11-19-05 @ 5:43 PM

fat boy should try that on someone closer to his size...about 150lbs heavier...
posted on: 11-19-05 @ 9:22 PM

That fat assed punk can’t even throw a good sucker punch. All that fat flappin floggin and didn’t even put the guy out or apparently even hurt the guy. God I hated dicks like this when I was younger and made a hobby out of fuckin them up. Just don’t fight in a tight space. I have had trouble with ass’s like this and after my best haymaker busted some face real good have had to outrun the slow bitches. Ain’t ashamed to say it, gotta catch me to woop this guys ass. Sometimes you realise a little too late that this guy is just going to fuck you up if he can get his hands on ya.
posted on: 11-19-05 @ 11:06 PM

I wonder what the fat ass will do if He finds out too late he has NO brakes on he’s car? If i was that guy who was sucker punched, i’ll follow that fat ass I’ll know where he lives and that very night cut the brake lines of he’s car...who’s the sucker now huh!?
posted on: 11-20-05 @ 3:53 AM

fat fucking mess could he have picked a dude that was anymore skinny fat worthless fuck
posted on: 11-20-05 @ 1:25 PM

That guy wouldn’t even fuck me up if he got his hands on me. I would break his arm or choke his fat spic ass out. Fat guys are pussies.
posted on: 11-20-05 @ 4:06 PM

he had to start with a sucka puncch what a pussy
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 12:01 AM

hes fat and a smoker and apparently can only go for 35 seconds. if i were the other guy i wouldve realized that hes done the worst hes capable of doing and went in for the kill once he started walking away. just gotta get a good hold on one of those many many many MANY rolls of his and squeeze the shit out of it. or a good kick under the gut. oh and once hes worn out... thered be an atomic wedgie waiting with his name on it! so many fun ways to put angry fat people in check... especially those that like to sucker punch people. anyway i thought they were supposed to be jolly?
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 1:47 AM

Fat ass shitfuck coward
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 2:03 AM

smoking is bad for your health
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 10:30 AM

Looks like different weight classes...who’s reffing this fight? Oh, I’m a smoker, and I can go a lot longer than that. But only when I’m fighting a 98 lb. twerp.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 12:33 PM

the lil dude should av ticked his little cock ! fat monky assed bloater, i hope he has a horrible accident involving a meat cleaver, a big well hung gay dude and some chilly sauce. What a punk. i hope someone sees that who knows hom and fucks him right up.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 6:14 PM

that was funny as shit- the little one didnt even see it coming- i wish i knew y they were fighting so i could choose sides but i think the bigger dudes a pussy
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 6:28 PM

What a fat fuck he can’t fight like a real man... Fat fuck can’t fight he has to beat on some little guy. He should try to fined someone his fat ass size then lets see wjat the fat fuck can do. people like that should be shot in the head with a 45. the butcher would cut fat boy like a pig fast and easy!!! let the guts poor out . what a fat fucking pussy
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 11:43 PM

If you look, the smallguy looked like he was the shit talker, but since no audio can’t take sides yet. But being big myself, I know how those little shits fucks like to talk around bigger people.
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 11:20 PM

Thats what you get when you eat the last twinkie.
posted on: 11-23-05 @ 4:21 PM

dont matter how u win as long as u win idc how big or small u r even small ones can do damage
posted on: 05-16-06 @ 3:04 AM

fat assed loser. too slow to man up and fight the kid. the fat fuck needs a kick in the nuts thats if he has any
posted on: 08-31-11 @ 3:32 PM

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