Top 10 ESPN KO's

Jesse U.
17,239 Views 1 decade ago

I don't think heavy wieghts were included cause I know Tyson had some of the nastiest KO's.

  • tree88 November 20, 2005

    number nine I have never saw the punch that put him down.

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  • kenshin November 20, 2005

    My eyes can't even comprehend the speed in which those punches are being thrown. Holy hell.

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  • koochie_eater November 20, 2005

    Pow!!!...Right in the Kisser!!...You'll have to be superhuman to even get up from those hits. Remember these guys are all professional fighters and the last time I checked, they're hands are considered Licensed Lethal Weapons.

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  • bigpoppa November 20, 2005

    But did you notice one thing, They All Got Knocked The [email protected]$K Out.

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  •   thundermug November 21, 2005

    Licensing as a lethal weapon is a thing of the past. But if the fuzz finds out you're trained, you get in a lot of trouble if you're not defending yourself. Does anybody else want to punch Larry Merchant besides me? I know Lamps does.

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  • twist one up November 21, 2005

    I can't even watch boxing anymore after watching UFC all the time. Boxing just seems to slow and boring now. Ultimate Fighter bitchez.

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  • smurf November 21, 2005

    Yeah those UFC fighters are hard mother fuckers ! The only thing they are not allowed to do is nip and pull hair.

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  • mark1508 November 21, 2005


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