Soldier AK-47 Accident

Jesse U.
29,217 Views 1 decade ago

Very fucking predictable.

  • tookalook November 21, 2005

    Uncle Sam wants more retards!

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  • twist one up November 21, 2005

    Afghani's can't shoot for shit.

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  • cell_491 November 21, 2005

    WHAT A FUCKING STUPID IDEA!!!....why cant they just put it on the ground...or at least get a marine to shoot the damn thing.

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  •   thundermug November 21, 2005

    Whatever happened to common sense?

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  • smurf November 21, 2005

    I hopw it was a raghead holding the plate

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  • persian_x November 21, 2005

    pretty fuck'n disturbing if u understand what they say:

    ...this is from western aghanistan since the translator speaks persian/farsi with the officer...

    at first he says "shoot the guy ahead".... n00bish afghani misses obviously, so they get closer and thats when the translator says "shoot him, fuck, if u dont i'll shoot u."

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  • bubbleuk November 21, 2005


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  • archemedes_rex November 21, 2005

    I'm moving to Montana and stockpiling my own damn guns, if this is who we have protecting us.

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  • mustardgas November 21, 2005

    Stupid shit fucking retards.

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  • guyschips1 November 21, 2005

    obviously staged, who is that fucking stupid to be shot at by someone

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  • simon154 November 21, 2005

    Any dipshit yank is dumb enugh.

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  • imapeanut November 21, 2005

    Now we need to stand the dipshit iraqi up with the ballistic plate.

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  • thedeadpoet76 November 22, 2005

    Had to be staged. How fucking stupid would someone have to be to do that?

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  • drex4ever November 22, 2005

    they were laughing? obv staged!

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  • zareste November 22, 2005

    Oh God, they allow Euro trash on this site? I at least have the good sense to ban those stink-bombs before they cause trouble.

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  • jd8coke November 22, 2005

    He got what he deserved! You don't ask someone to shoot at something your holding on your head and not expect to get hurt!

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  • zombiecuthroat December 4, 2005

    hey dumbass he was an afgan if your gonna be racist do it towards the right guy and for the rcord that was fake because who would trust a horribly trained dmbass raghead to be a god shot withe the supposed to be full auto allways ak-47

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  • dariddla November 21, 2006

    ...i'm baaaack...correct me if i'm wrong...but wasn't that a "white" soldier... giving a Ak-47... to a "Rah-shee-doe"...for target practice...on another "white" soldier?...hmmmmmmmmm...i'll keep my opinion to myself.............this time...

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