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posted by Jesse U on 11/21/2005

Mushroom Clouds For Everyone

I'm completely taken back by the sheer amount of power behind one of these fuckers.
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
twist one up
The only thing cool about this video is the White Zombie remix song. I’m not about to watch 5 minutes of bombs being dropped.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 2:18 PM

THAT WAS FUCKIN BADASS....i love when they detonate those biatches underground and under water thats AWESOME. It looks like one of those was launched out out of an artillery piece (towards the middle of the video)...thats pretty nifty. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 2:28 PM

5 minutes of my life i’ll never get back...oh well, time for a wank.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 5:45 PM

i told my brother " this is what happens to people when they fart in their sleep" he started cryin he was like " IM NEVER GOIN TO SLEEP EVER AGAIN" i was lmao
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 6:18 PM

And just think, Russia and it’s former satellites still have thousands of these pointed at us. And they’re not even sure where they all are.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 6:57 PM

posted on: 11-21-05 @ 7:02 PM

FUCKIN GREAT!!! The only thing I didnt like is thinking exactly what Rex said. One of my favorite videos on CS
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 7:11 PM

This is Exactly what we need to do in Iraq! Take all our troops out; load a 100 MegaTon Missile and shoot it in Downtown Baghdad...He he he! Iraq Will be a very quiet Neighborhood In The Next 26,000 years! It’s so radioactive there that NOT EVEN Bacteria can survive and live!...
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 10:43 PM

Like those fucking goggles are really supposed to protect their eyes. Well, after they peel them off the floor, just take off the goggles, and you can clearly see the looks in their eyes when they got fried from the flash burn.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 11:12 PM

That is one of the most beautiful weapons man has ever made. We should use it on our enemies more often and then maybe they would not feel the need to fuck with the USA so much.
posted on: 11-21-05 @ 11:49 PM

...or they could steal one of our weapons and use it against us in an all out nuclear war...Armegedon man...its the machine of doom and we (humity) are satan!
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 2:27 AM

...traffic wouldn’t be so bad though
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 2:30 AM

Einstein’s least proud moment. Well, we split the atom and can destroy the earth... But still haven’t cured herpes, what’s up with that? I’m an average joe who wants more action. I mean, yeah, I’m afraid of terrorists also, but c’mon... Herpes.... Really...
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 5:19 AM

If we start slinging nukes so will everyone else and it will end up in EVERYONE having a very bad day :P
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 8:26 AM

ahhhhhh, the goggles ... they do nothing!!!!!1
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 10:19 AM

sickeningly mesmerising
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 1:42 PM

yeah,of couse im sure its ok to be here.....no, they are wrong....this wont have any lasting effects on you or your offspring...
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 5:43 PM

That ’gay’ guy is still allowed to post?!
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 6:23 PM

The only reason other countries hate on the USA is because they are a growing economy, I wish I could live there and I live in England that has a prime minister that won’t support the death sentence for Saddam Hussien. Could you imagine what would happen if his regime or even the shi-ite supporters got hold of a nuke? Iran is preparing Uranium as we speak and they are supplying bombs to people right now to kill Allied soldiers. We helped Iran When Iraq invaded and this is how they thank us? So let’s all rejoice in the fact that we are funding a terrorist fight on two fronts, why do you think France wouldn’t back us? Or Germany? Even our own governments were recieving money money but after 9/11 it all changed. People started seeing all Muslims as suicide bombers yet the Muslim religion is peacefull. You are not racist if you call a suicide bomber a scumbag! The same way you are not racist if you call the guy who mugs you black just becuase he is. If he was white, would that be racist? There was a recent report in Britain were a victim of a hit and run was reprimanded BY THE POLICE for saying that the assailant was FAT! When asked to describe her attacker she said "It was a fat guy in a red car"
posted on: 11-22-05 @ 7:22 PM

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