A Lesson In Paralell Parking

Jesse U.
10,369 Views 1 decade ago

How hard can it be to park one of those little fuckers.

  • tripod November 25, 2005

    How many customer's cars did this Valet go thru to learn this trick?

  • guychipsahomo November 25, 2005


  • gurtman23 November 25, 2005


  • cleanclam November 25, 2005

    we should get one of those cars for our rural mail carriers. Then they wouldn't have to try and drive from the passenger seat. Of course over there it's all ass-backwards too. whatta fucked up world we live in. I don't know why I hafta think of this shit all the time.

  • gurtmanisgay November 25, 2005


  • mike_d November 25, 2005


  • chally November 26, 2005

    This was taken at the bike show at G-Mex in Manchester UK last year I was there the guys good

  • mad cow November 27, 2005

    UK,,who cares,,we got those cars here what makes us different is we have pakis fuck vallet

  • penguin January 11, 2007

    gurt man is gay do u know any other words? GAY !

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