The Prince Of The Pool Table

Jesse U.
17,177 Views 1 decade ago

Good call by his old man.

  • md_dred November 26, 2005


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  • guychipsahomo November 26, 2005


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  • mechanicman November 26, 2005

    In the background about 20% of the way through you will see a bank vault door. that pool hall is in Louisville Ky on Market st. It used to be a bank , and now is a pool hall called the BANK SHOT , real clever heh. That kid is a hustler thaat takes everybodys money that dosen't know about him. His sister dosen't have any real skilz, so daddy just pimps her while Brandon is shaking down the pool shooters.

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  • gurtman23 November 26, 2005


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  • gurtlovesdick November 26, 2005


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  • mike_d November 26, 2005

    I would whoop his little ass.

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  • cleanclam November 26, 2005

    the kid shoots a good stick. Now just keep him away from the fuckin skateboard morons

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  • shiver November 26, 2005

    BULLSHIT! he did not invent those trick shots those trick shot are old school, wasnt there another vid of a guy doing the same thing on crazyshit?

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  • lilwhiteguy1 November 27, 2005


    i could kick his ass...

    fuckin pussy...

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  • diamonddog November 28, 2005

    i feel like grabbing him and snapping his neck or something, only cause i can...but anyways ye ahe's a good player and no he did not invent that shot that is complete bullshit, what a fucking idiot, and his dad is a little too fucking....greedy, using his kid to make money, i mean why else would he teach his kid pool...why pool, the only sport where ppl play for money that requires true skill

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  • soupdizzle November 29, 2005

    You know his parents used him to make money. I feel sorry for the boy, because you know they treat him like shit if he looses. He is just another cash cow kid supporting his fucked up parents.

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  • cherryliceous December 6, 2005

    i wish i could even hit the white ball just once :-X

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