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posted by Jesse U on 11/27/2005

299 MPH On A Motorcycle

I'm too much of a pussy to even try that shit.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Actually that was 299 kph or 185 mph not 299 mph. there is no road going bike that can do 299mph also if there was the wind would rip the rider off the bike and kill him.
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 4:17 PM

that would be 299 Km/H. BIG difference.
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 4:18 PM

if it was 299 miles per hour than that school bus he passed was doing 115
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 4:38 PM

kmh.....mph.....thats still fuckin’ stupid crazy dumbass fast.
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 4:44 PM

Watching a video like that gets my heart pumping , but damn he has got to be a nut case. Just think how traumatized the folks will be when they see his smushed corpse.
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 5:22 PM

posted on: 11-27-05 @ 6:00 PM

I like the wheelie at the end....138 mph...damn
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 6:22 PM

I agree w/bigidiot, bullshit
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 6:47 PM

299 Kmph = 185.79 Mph = Fuckin Fast!
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 7:32 PM

alright really there is a bike that can do 300 mph but that wasnt it maybe 299 kph but the bike that does 300 mph is the dale earnheart hayabuse built for speed and all super add ons it was clocked at 300 and the rider couldnt hold on so he had to stop thats what Im gonna do when I buy my first bike (8-)
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 8:03 PM

cool.. fuck i wish you could find the clip were a swedish guy flips off a cop car (backwards) then turns around and takes off.. 336 km/h
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 8:41 PM

ok, when the guy or girl get caught behind theRV and the bus the speedometer reads 125 so yeah its gotta be kmph.
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 9:29 PM

There was a guy in MN,USA that was busted going 205MPH on the freeway.
posted on: 11-27-05 @ 11:58 PM

thats 205...not 299, i’ve done 210 with a bike and it was way too fast for me...luckily i had all o fmy gear and survived...with a shitload of broken bones...so i mean if ur doing 210 with a bike and u crash like that barely surviving because the wind was too strong for u.... then how da fuck is it possible to go 299 which is complete bs.....i feel like grabbing his neck and snapping it for being so stupid on the highway like that
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 12:27 AM

im right there with ya diamonddog i ahve traveled at extreamly high speed on my superbike but thats i was on a closed coarse. not on the highway. this guy is fucking stupid. i bet he was wearign sneakers. i have gone 180+ and it is some crazy shit. but not in traffic. fuck that shit.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 12:56 AM

At first I was thinking, "this has got to be fake, all I see is clouds" and then the bike drops from its wheelie at 205!!!! Two hundred and fucking five! BTW, did anyone else notice the cop car that he passed about 1/3 way through the clip? That guy is fucking nuts!
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 2:49 AM

OK i checked my car and did some calulations and came up with that 299 KM is like 120 mph.. :P haha..... iv seen ppl do like 150 on a bike... doing a weele also..
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 5:15 AM

take it to court hes gotta good case for defective speedometer
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 1:47 PM

mad cow
fuckin ass holes,,,id fuckin put a bar right in his front wheel
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 9:17 PM

you cant he is already dead he was the ghost rider crazy mother had a few dvds where he would ride flat out everywhere blew the police off the face of the earth
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 12:33 PM

You arrogant pricks who ride crotch rockets need to all be taken out and shot. I’m with mad cow I’d like to see some of these guys bite the big one. "look at me I have a tiny penis, so I have to ride a bike and do wheelies so chicks will dig me" losers!
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 12:38 PM

awsome no matter how fast hes going guys got guts
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 2:40 PM

we got a group in akron ohio that does this crazy shit too. they are called the "star boyz".
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 6:27 PM

not jealous ate_up....no doubt dude has ballz...just tiny pecker
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 11:57 PM

Thats ghostrider out of finland I think, hes a nut on that bike, set a couple of unofficial land speed records through traffic. You can get his videos and they are completely nuts, but hes a kickass rider.
posted on: 12-01-05 @ 9:30 PM

thats fked up... id take a care.... a bit safer
posted on: 12-04-05 @ 4:00 AM

at an access of 260 kph for a time of 2 minutes and 50 seconds he traveled 28.6 kilometers throught the video...
posted on: 12-04-05 @ 9:21 PM

there is one thing for sure i wont be ridin with him
posted on: 12-06-05 @ 12:00 AM

Ghostrider is Swedish, u can’t get a ticket in Sweden if you don’t stop or some other legal loophole. The cops all know who he is (he’s worldfamous) but he’d have to stop and wait for the cops to get a ticket
posted on: 03-10-06 @ 11:49 PM

If this guy does a crash ’n’ burn, he deserves it. What a dumbass.
posted on: 04-04-06 @ 6:35 PM

pssshhhhh i smoke my blunts faster then that.
posted on: 08-17-06 @ 12:15 AM

It truly amazes me how many dipshits are willing to spout off without knowing the facts. 299 kph is approx. 180 mph as a couple of u said. This video is possibly Ghost Rider and if it is he’s from Sweden. Some say he’s dead, some say he’s not. Either way he’s one of the best riders on the road and one crazy muthafucker! As for u assholes that wish him to crash, may your bag have worms and the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. He’s doing what feels good, what the fuck is it to u? Shut the fuck up u armchair wannabes. I’d be willing to bet you’ve never rode a fuk’n minibike.
posted on: 03-11-09 @ 12:58 AM

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