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posted by Jesse U on 11/28/2005

Jump Of Death

There's no room for error here.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
lucky thing, the water broke his fall
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 1:01 PM

I hope your kidding, hitting water that fast is like hitting cement you fool
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 1:32 PM

yea, even if he was trained to that i highly doubt he walked away from that fall
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 1:43 PM

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SPALT HA HA HA HA
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 3:15 PM

Bloody good splash though.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 3:22 PM

2.5/10 No flips, twists, huge splash.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 4:03 PM

I hate when people say "oh its like hitting concrete from that height"....if it was like hitting concrete they wouldnt go through the surface (although it does probably feel as bad). Also my uncle lives in zephyrhills florida which is the skydiving capitol of the world and on a yearly basis about 13 people "bounce" (albeit some intentionally) usually about 2 of them survive and thats from 20k feet onto the dirt. The biggest danger in this fall is of him being knocked out and drowning which is unlikely because there are probably people waiting at the bottom to save a fellow jumper just in case....he is probably pretty fucked up though.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 4:32 PM

Was that about six seconds to impacts? 2 32’/sec ^ Shit.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 5:18 PM

That is 32 feet per second squared - if I recall correctly.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 5:22 PM

Cause im free, free fallin.
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 9:47 PM

wait till you get real close : wait, wait, wait ,oops, too late!
posted on: 11-28-05 @ 11:36 PM

"If it was like hitting concrete they wouldnt go through the surface" I think the video throws that idea out the window.
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 12:08 AM

ok i was gonna pass on this one but since everyone else has put thier two cents worth in, heres mine. you see, theres this thing called surface tension. its was keep stuff like ocean liners and aircraft carriers from plummeting to the bottom of the ocean. it also causes planes that crash into the ocean to basically explode into a million pieces instead of just sinking whole into the water. so no its not exactly like hitting concrete at 100 miles an hour. its more like hitting a matress on top of concrete at 100 miles an hour. either way, your still pretty dead. and yes once in a while people do survive falls from high places. but whats left of them dont really want to live anyway. it looks to me like that dude was toast.
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 9:49 AM

The video already said the guy died you retards.
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 11:05 AM

What a pussy...be a man, jump over a pit of fire.
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 2:37 PM

what there saying dude is that it feels like hitting concrete you know the hard impact all over your crippled bod? you dumbass
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 2:45 PM

question is, did he piss and shit while screaming or did he just wonder in silence , why did my dum ass jump off a good solid bridge for anyway? we will never know...........
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 6:14 PM

"ok i was gonna pass on this one" You shoulda passed on that one, you turd: your understanding of physics suck a mexican scrotum.
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 7:41 PM

Sucks a mexican scrotum. A disgusting visual.
posted on: 11-29-05 @ 7:57 PM

hmm, despite the interesting visuals both in the video and the comments, I’m gonna risk a post. If you were to reach maximum velocity (terminal velocity) and hit a water surface covered in card board, the surface tention of the water combined with the card board would create an impact similar to concrete. just hitting water at terminal velocity isn’t quite the same as concrete, but still about twice the force needed to kill you (on avereage, even then some lucky ppl ’bounce’)
posted on: 12-01-05 @ 2:04 AM

did you see the mushroom cloud he made?
posted on: 12-01-05 @ 3:18 AM

i agree with treehouse 2003
posted on: 12-02-05 @ 12:30 AM

Belly flop!! acutally i knew this one guy who jumped off a bridge once... a good few hundred feet up... he survived and his buddies came in and pulled him out of the water... his spine and shit was all broken.. he would have survived if his buds would have left him in the water... So comes to the conclusion: What hits the water - Stays in the water.
posted on: 12-04-05 @ 3:50 AM

that had to hurt
posted on: 12-05-05 @ 11:54 PM

umm guess he forgot to pull the cord
posted on: 12-07-05 @ 8:03 PM

cell 491 your full of it that bridge is in West Va and that water below it is only about 3 feet deep.. the hold a party they call Bridge day and thats the only time you can jump from that bridge well unless your commiting sucide
posted on: 12-25-05 @ 12:18 PM

I’m no coroner but would think he’s a gonner.
posted on: 03-13-06 @ 10:53 AM

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