Now That's A Drop

Jesse U.
14,055 Views 1 decade ago

Yup you'll never catch my ass doing that shit.

  • lt__dan November 29, 2005

    thats sick!...the second jump has to be a hundred yards at least.

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  • hatedogs November 29, 2005

    God, it's so great to watch some little fucksqueek rip his ass off. When I see this kinda shit, I know life is good.

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  • dixigurl November 30, 2005

    thats not skiing .. its called suicide

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  • gay_americans November 30, 2005

    glad you liked it, that was me

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  • soupdizzle November 30, 2005

    After the first jump the load of shit in his pants put him off balance. That's why he sagged in the back on the second. Sick air none the less.

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  • funsumwantsum November 30, 2005

    Oh my GAWD. That is funny. I lost it when he is at the bottom and hits that long shot of air.He flaps his f#%*@+# arms like he is going to fly...

    Shit that is a 12 on the scale of 1 to 10

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  • redwood418 November 30, 2005

    looks cold there

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  • justaguy December 1, 2005

    The funiest part is cause you know that the free fall was his fear. little did he know that after the free fall, he'd be moving so fast that the little hill would launch him 100 feet into the air :P

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  • cleanclam December 1, 2005

    he'll do better next time.

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  • cherryliceous December 6, 2005


    n the mountain looked like some vanilla aci cream yummy!!!

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