Hollywood CA Bank Shoot Out

Some real life heat action going on here. I'm waiting for Mr. Kilmer to bust out his auto.

  • whitewidow November 30, 2005

    I saw this shit live, too bad this clip didn't show all the cops that got shot and the head shot that one those guys took, it was fuckin brutal!

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  • mechanicman November 30, 2005

    Body armour my ass , how you like this chevy sitting on top your slimy head dick sucker.

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  •   thundermug November 30, 2005

    Yeah, I remember this one live too. It happened when I was in college. My dormmate's dad was Burbank PD for 22 years, had never fired a shot, and dropped 4 clips at these bastards. He showed us something like a "discharge report" that documents all cops who fire their weapons. Something like 38 officers fired that day.

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  • steveferrigno November 30, 2005


    Try not to use all my bandwidth up ^_^

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  •   wicked_m4 November 30, 2005

    Too bad it didnt show when the first guy shot himself in the head

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  • mike_d December 1, 2005

    Point click next.................................

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  • doctor_chill December 1, 2005

    too long

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  • justaguy December 1, 2005

    Yeah, this is an old clip, what this clip didn't show was that the cops had a sniper shoot the 'left behind' guy through the neck (between helm and vest) and the one that tried to run was brought down by the cops unloading their rounds under the car, eventually hitting the spot between his leg armor and his boots, can't run without ankles.

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  • rockybalboa December 1, 2005

    GAY (tm)

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  • cleanclam December 1, 2005

    what no flame-throwers?

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  • harrison526 December 4, 2005

    give me a musket anyday...

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  • emptyshells259 January 6, 2006

    Those guys had automatic AK47s...Full Body Armor....DAMN!!!

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