Dirt Bikers Are Sick People

Jesse U.
15,369 Views 1 decade ago

Dude!!! some of these guys are just out of thier fucking minds.

  • gay_americans December 1, 2005

    gay bikers

  • thundermug December 1, 2005

    That bare masonite slide had to hurt. That was badass. And fuck gay foreigners.

  • doctor_chill December 1, 2005

    that backflip with two people on the bike was badass

  • cleanclam December 1, 2005

    so this is what huffing gas leads to? remember when daring was overloading a toboggan (boy, girl, boy, girl, etc.) and speeding down a snow-covered hill side and trying to dodge the trees. god dammit that was fun !!!

  • mike_d December 2, 2005

    The only REAL biker was the guy doin a drop off on the Mt.BIKE.

  • rockybalboa December 2, 2005

    GAY (tm)

  • pablosdog December 2, 2005

    I like the guy drinking gas. Darwinism at its best!!

  • zareste December 2, 2005

    What are we supposed to be impressed by? Every clip ends before we see anything happen. A whole minute of incoherent junk.

  • harrison526 December 4, 2005

    oh wow, a bunch of dumbasses going off a cliff and busting thier ass... kids these days

  • cherryliceous December 6, 2005

    bunch of idiots but some of them are hot i know a couple of them :)

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