Hip Hop Helper

Jesse U.
18,485 Views 1 decade ago

It's to bridge that generational gap.

  • gay_americans December 1, 2005


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  • nativeman December 1, 2005

    Too bad everbody now days wants to be a mayate. This generation is going to be fucked.

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  •   thundermug December 1, 2005

    Thank MTV for that, native. And the generation is not fucked. It is darwinism at it's finest. I need someone to clean my house and serve me Big Macs. These kids will be the replacements once the borders close. They are unemployable anywhere else.

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  • doctor_chill December 1, 2005

    People that talk like that are only hurting themselves. Try talking like that at a serious job interview and see where you end up. McDonalds. Getting minimum wage for schizzle.

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  • tookalook December 1, 2005

    Hip hop and rap are banned from my home and if the kids don't like it get the fuck out!

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  • cleanclam December 1, 2005

    hooked on ebonics

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  • archemedes_rex December 1, 2005

    Why don't we just kill MTV? They don't actually play music anymore. Just reality shows (please die) and commercials for awful clothes.

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  • crazyj December 2, 2005

    Mayate is a NAGGER shit mark ass trick thinkin she black like half of the americans think they is betta recognize befo she gets BUMPED up her HIZZZZI fo shizzy SHHHHIII translate that biotch

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  • mike_d December 2, 2005

    MY-OUGHT-TE is the same thing as sayin nigger only in spanish DEE DEE DEE!!!!!!

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  • zephaniah December 2, 2005

    thats sad that that passes for entertainment nowadays. but i guess its even sadder that some people actually talk like that and think theyre cool. i remember the day some punk kid wanted to scrap and called me 'kin folk' god i never laughed so hard in my life.

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  • rockybalboa December 2, 2005

    naggers? I tought the correct name for PORCH MONKEYS was NIGGERS, FUCKING NIGGERS. Let's fucking nuke America to kill all the fucking niggers goddamit!

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  • tree88 December 2, 2005

    Rocky, most niggers are in Africa, which is not in America, you dumb ass. Sorry, but if you are going to nuke America, which one are you talking about? North, Central, or South?

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  • pablosdog December 2, 2005

    not that I don't find all the racial comments funny because they prove you are as ignorant as what you profess to hate but this commercial is fucking funny!! maybe rocky means all of america. just think of all the honky's crackers, spics, niggers, jews, arabs, miks, wops, kykes, gooks, indians (asian and native american),dicks and cunts we could get rid of!! Jeez, I hope I didn't mean me.

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  • tookalook December 2, 2005

    Rocky? wtf you always give me shit for being racist, did some nigger rape your mom finally, what?

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  • harrison526 December 4, 2005

    where can i get one of those...

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