A New Way To Open A Bottle

Jesse U.
15,277 Views 1 decade ago

Jesus!!! Did he say twenty?

  • guyschips1 December 3, 2005

    i love bud, but i hate gay beer in the ass pervert bartenders

  • briandee December 3, 2005

    Skip the Bud, I'll have a shot instead !

  • mike_d December 3, 2005

    Living up to his name "GAYSCHIPS"

  • mechanicman December 3, 2005

    This beer has a shitty aftertaste

  • doctor_chill December 4, 2005

    retarded. That guy must like it in the ass because he doesn't get up.

  • latara1973 December 4, 2005

    anal sex is illegal in some states

  • harrison526 December 4, 2005

    i see why...

  • ukman1nowinusa December 5, 2005

    Classic, Now that was funny. Also starange to see that gayschips has some thing other to say than gay.

    Anyone notice that all he says is gay yet anything that has any homo actions or anything that slightly resembles such as this video he has a lot to say. Ive seen a lot of comments in the past and all i would like to say is guyschips and guychips and gurtman YOU GUYS ARE GAY. You should all get a room together

  • hot_ass_btch19 December 6, 2005

    your're all fuckin gay

  • weirdoh December 19, 2005

    i agree with ukman1nowinusa =D

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