Scream Rated R

Jesse U.
20,818 Views 1 decade ago

It was a scary little thing.

  • godimgorgeous December 4, 2005

    That was the fonz just before he was brutally killed in the film, unfortunately this didnt make the final cut.

  • doctor_chill December 4, 2005

    that one person sitting in the front did not even react, what a stiff

  • latara1973 December 4, 2005

    the chic in the front is either lesbian or likes men with huge cocks

  • dj_busta_nutt December 4, 2005

    the young man was arrested, charged with public indecency, served five months in prison, had reconstructive rectum surgery, and is now living in a halfway house for registered sex offenders. happy halloween!!!

  • guyschips1 December 4, 2005

    and hes gay

  • bionic_nugget December 4, 2005


  • burgie December 4, 2005


  • bigpoppa December 4, 2005

    Okay now thats taking it a liitle too far, as one would say, "THATS GAY"

  • redwood418 December 8, 2005


  • sl December 9, 2005

    HEHE, "ASS CLOWN" " Are you off your fucking meds? "Yes but that is not what this is about" Just watch "BAD SANTA" its a good movie and you will get this. If you have not watched it.

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