The Power Of The Atom

Jesse U.
11,560 Views 1 decade ago

Pretty old footage, but it's still impressive.

  • djdynasty December 5, 2005

    atom bomb = 2 points... cameramen = radiated retarded babies 0

  • gay_americans December 5, 2005


  • themurphdog December 5, 2005

    This is how the Fucking world ends, but in a much bigger bang. Thats what happens when to leaders with small dicks try to out do each other. Thanks GW for all your fucked up work , you asshole.

  • thundermug December 5, 2005

    Did Dionne Warwick tell you the world ended like this, Murph? Actually, this is what happens when an Atom Baum (sic) is dropped. And what does GW have to do with this? I don't remember him dropping any nukes. Hopefully this was filmed in France.

  • raker99 December 5, 2005

    i want to see what happens to the 2 jumpers right at the end does the explosion knock em off ?

  • guyschips1 December 5, 2005


  • archemedes_rex December 5, 2005

    You know what would scare me? NEW footage.

  • smttf7 December 5, 2005

    That is a scary as that ugly deformed Olivia from Ass Parade.

  • mike_d December 6, 2005

    Love it baby!!!

  • treehouse2003 December 6, 2005

    Thats like one of my girlfriend's farts.

  • jwindol December 6, 2005

    GW just got off

  • apocalypse72 December 8, 2005

    i fucking love nuclear bombs lol. call me crazy, i give this a 10 outta 10. i think we need to use those more often in iraq =) in fact, just line the borders, bout every 100 miles, and just fire them all off at once, and we'll be done over there, no sympathy here, this comes from the man who would rather kill somebody than get laid before he dies.

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