I'm Impressed

Jesse U.
14,060 Views 1 decade ago

Didn't even spill a drop.

  • guyschips1 December 9, 2005

    that may be the gayest shit i have ever seen

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  • briandee December 9, 2005

    Very funny!

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  • redwood418 December 9, 2005


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  •   thundermug December 9, 2005

    Too bad I had to sit through that gay soccer shit. That was pretty funny.

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  • pablosdog December 9, 2005

    the last guy was one of those NASCAR "athletes" and obviously has as much talent as those other world class athletes.

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  • repent December 9, 2005

    That took some dedication, not spilling any of his drink.

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  • eastloskilla December 9, 2005

    drunk ass red neck lol rather fall on his face then spill his bud light haha

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  • hatedogs December 9, 2005

    Soccer's nothing more than a bunch of impoverished third world catholics running around kicking a ball and when one of 'em finally gets it in a net that's bigger than a fucking McDonalds, they all get in a pile and try to fuck each other. People who don't love football -- and I don't mean futball -- ought to fuck each other in the ass more than they already do.

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  • nocode December 10, 2005

    you all pick on soccer.. its just the biggest sport in the world bur hey.. who cares.. "duuh.. i like baseball"

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  • tree88 December 10, 2005

    The reason that it is the world's largest participation game is all you need is a ball, a large open field, and two lines drawn for goals. Oh yeah, two boxcars to kick the kick ball in.

    The clip of the guy with the beer is definatly not NASCAR. I it had been, the guy would have landed on his feet.

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  • hummell07 December 10, 2005

    All opinions.

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  • turdburglar December 10, 2005

    And here is my oppinion. hatedogs was always picked last by his friends at school when they played soccer because he SUCKED at it. And now he hates it.

    It is the biggest sport in the world and its not just catholics, you f'in moron. You love football so much? Try watching rugby where the men don't wear pads at all. They probably laugh at the NFL.

    hatedogs sucks!!!

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  • lt__dan December 10, 2005


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  • boozerdude December 10, 2005

    that dude needs to know when to say when.He didnt even spill his beer.Did u guys see that?

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  • mike_d December 11, 2005


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