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posted by Jesse U on 12/9/2005

Nasty Kick Boxers

I love this video.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I know I am about to see all you guys that love to comment GAY or FAKE but it’s not. The reigning UFC champ, Chuck Liddell is from this discipline of MMA and I know he can kick my ass and yours.
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 4:02 PM

need women kick boxers instead
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 4:26 PM

That’s rotten they can kick to the head when someone is down. The little guys always put on a show.
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 4:43 PM

contrary to what pablosdick said up there in the first post i dont think anyone GAY would have a fags chance in hell in the ring with those guys
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 4:51 PM

but guyschips, it’s not contrary to what I said you shit-for-brains, pole-smoking, butthole surfing, scrotum lipped, sperm breath. Perhaps smoking a bong hit for every vid you see is not making you into the Einstein you had hoped.
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 5:33 PM

Thats not kickboxing, its Thai boxing you daft cunts!
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 5:36 PM

thats it hahah crow cop can whoop on there fucking ass but they have balls knowing there going to get kicked in the face and still run towards it
posted on: 12-09-05 @ 6:05 PM

thundercunt^^^ that shit was not "rotten" when he kicked that guy in the head. That combo was well executed and I would not consider it a cheap shot.
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 1:37 AM

They are made of stone those litte guys.. and yeah its Thai boxing.. so much tougher than kick boxing..
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 5:31 AM

Wow, apparently pablosafag NEEDS to smoke some weed, he needs to relax, his stupid ass is so DEFENSIVE and INSECURE that he immediately assumes something withOUT taking a second look to read what it says. By guychip saying "CONTRARY" to what you said, he meant CONTRARY TO THE FACT THAT YOU THINK HE’S GONNA POST "GAY" AS A COMMENT, he’s actually going to say something positive about the video. Not contrary to your statement. Oh and about the video.....Gay.
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 7:25 AM

He Got Owned
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 10:02 AM

hey username--- thanks for clearing that up for me
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 10:05 AM

They may be little,but they will stomp a mudhole in your ass.
posted on: 12-10-05 @ 7:30 PM

Guyschips is also username just stickin up for himself.......lmao
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 3:21 AM

uuhhh----okay thanks for your input mike_d generate
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 9:54 AM

woops!! I did misinterpret that. I’m gonna go take my meds and get back to ya. uh sorry!
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 2:25 PM

YAY!!! I trained in Thai boxing!!! fun stuff!!
posted on: 12-12-05 @ 10:46 PM

both pablohog and gaychips both need to look up the fucking word "contrary" in the dictionary. "English mutha fucka, do you speak it?"
posted on: 12-13-05 @ 3:05 AM

doctor chill. I just don’t understand what you think I was wrong about, contrary means opposite no? gaychip was not contrary to what I said because he did end up posting GAY just like I said he would, right?
posted on: 12-14-05 @ 8:50 AM

Mui Thai Kick boxing, any of these guys would drop Tyson in an instant.
posted on: 02-23-06 @ 11:56 PM

And risk getting their toes bitten off ?
posted on: 03-10-06 @ 11:11 PM

Its called Muay Thai. I would like to see the shit talkers say that to their face. Would you like an elbow to the temple? What about a round kick to the ribs. or a knee to the face? Anybody?
posted on: 03-30-06 @ 9:43 AM

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