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posted by Jesse U on 12/11/2005

Nobody's Conquered Dead Man's Road

Are they for real? I was like that fucker just went right of the side. Why would you try to drive like that on this road when new know what's gonna happen. lol.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Kinda like having a big bad street brawler fighting Bruce Lee . Those fucking Vipers are sledgehammers covered in polyester. Fucking truck engine brutes with no class. Probably a load of fun , like a brassy whore in church. Funny how many non driving dicks end up with cars like this.
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 3:46 PM

that wasnt worth my time
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 4:21 PM

posted on: 12-11-05 @ 8:04 PM

Did he say"12.9 1/4 mile? Does that take anyone back to that little piece of shit minivan?...............HHHMMMMM
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 9:40 PM

DULL, DULL, how about cut to the last five seconds
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 9:53 PM

This is a repost of the same video from 1-2 weeks ago. It actually just has the last 10-15 seconds of the clip.
posted on: 12-11-05 @ 10:37 PM

So let me get this straight... no one has ever driven the whole stretch of this road without dieing... so the dumbass Australians decide to attempt it, not only on camera, but with $100,000 cars AND have a race while they are at it. I think I am starting to wonder how Aussies actually get up in the morning being so stupid.
posted on: 12-12-05 @ 5:53 AM

so what they are saying is if I lock my brakes up coming too fast into a turn I might lose control? wow do other people know about this? this is groundbreaking news, call CNN, call Oprah.
posted on: 12-12-05 @ 11:00 AM

stupid ass aussies, i have delt with those pices of shite, what i dont understand is if your a professional driver why the fuck would you lock your breaks up on a turn with no guard rails thats askin to get fucked up.... dumb ass aussies
posted on: 12-12-05 @ 1:26 PM

dicksrus,lostinsanity Go Stick you dumb American heads up your over weight asses. Fagits
posted on: 12-12-05 @ 5:00 PM

ZZZZZZZZZZZ..........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ............. ...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....What??? oh this clip is over
posted on: 12-12-05 @ 10:06 PM

who cares if it was long.....those cars were fucking bad ass!!! plus if you get bored,use your fucking brain and turn it off......
posted on: 12-13-05 @ 1:34 PM

use the cars to get pussy not to test curves at 100mph. now no pussy and no car. sounds like a weener to me.
posted on: 12-13-05 @ 6:12 PM

oh my goddddddddddd why why why i wanna fucking cry why in hell would u try that in a viper!!!
posted on: 12-13-05 @ 11:00 PM

Probably had a koala driving!
posted on: 07-14-08 @ 3:20 PM

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