What Are Your Kids Learning?

Keep in mind this only happens if your kids are gonna be fucked up anyways.
I dont know about you, but as a kid I would never have tried that shit no matter what or who I saw.
I'd be like fuck that shit, you's one crazy mother fucker.

  • crazytom080675 December 15, 2005

    poor dog lol

  • joeltheguy December 15, 2005

    when I was his age we didnt have the internet. We went out and fucked barnyard animals on our own accord.

  • pablosdog December 15, 2005

    I built this whole city, I sailed the seven seas, but do they call me the builder? No. Do they call me the sailor? No. But you fuck one goat...........

  • guyschips1 December 15, 2005

    copycat dicksucker-----------------^^^^^^^^

  • doctor_chill December 15, 2005

    the learining channel fucking sucks. Fucking sale outs, with their fashion shows and home design bullshit. National Geographic channel and History channel is where it's at.

  • boozerdude December 15, 2005

    That is some CRAZY SHIT.

  • dirtyd December 15, 2005

    damn pedifile--------------------^^^^^^^^^

  • mocopie December 15, 2005

    fucking the dog ,fucking the dog

  • repent December 15, 2005

    you are all fucking smacktarts if you ask me.

    fucking ghey mexicans who eat pudding.

  • archemedes_rex December 15, 2005

    National Geographic and The History Channel are exactly what TLC used to be... all alien abductions, bible prophesies, and The Bermuda Fucking Triangle! You couldn't even learn the names of the planets from TV anymore!

  • thundermug December 15, 2005

    A young boy in Ireland, Gurt came up rough.lol

  • dragoboy December 15, 2005

    dang i wana see the pilsbairy dow boy crap himself

  • sim69 December 15, 2005

    Who cares!! It was a fucking poodle, that ain't even a real dog

  • tripod December 16, 2005

    "DAMMIT! I wanted to see the little ginger kid rape the dog!"

    ---That would be over on CNN

  • rockybalboa December 16, 2005


  • metallicalover December 18, 2005

    Don't you mean PETIFILE???

  • metallicalover December 20, 2005

    Also, whats the big deal?? At least it's a female!!! Get that little bitch son!!!

  • cr0_boy January 8, 2006


  • goddessofsex May 26, 2009


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